The Power of Connected Ideas: Zettelkasten and the Future of AI


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Sep 10, 2023

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The Power of Connected Ideas: Zettelkasten and the Future of AI


In the pursuit of knowledge and productivity, one German scholar, Niklas Luhmann, developed a groundbreaking method called Zettelkasten. This method allowed him to organize a massive amount of information and make sense of it by connecting each note as a web. In this article, we will explore the concept of Zettelkasten and its application in various fields, including the future of AI.

The Problem with Traditional Note-Taking:

Traditional note-taking methods, such as using folders or tags, often result in separate silos of information that make it difficult to see connections between ideas. Each folder becomes a separate entity, and the overall collection of notes becomes confusing and disorganized. Luhmann recognized these limitations and took a step further by linking his notes together, creating a web of ideas.

The Power of the Web of Ideas:

By using the Zettelkasten method, notes become entities that are knitted into a larger web of ideas. Instead of deteriorating with each addition, the system becomes better and more interconnected. This concept aligns with the growth model and the compound effect, where small actions have a significant impact over time.

Surprising Connections:

Similar to how information is contained in a message based on its level of surprise, the Zettelkasten is bursting with ideas that may surprise the user when explored with a specific question in mind. This method allows for unexpected connections and insights, enhancing the learning process.

The Effectiveness of Non-Linear Note-Taking:

Numerous studies suggest that non-linear note-taking strategies, such as using graphs and concept maps, foster the selection and organization of information, leading to more effective learning outcomes. Zettelkasten, with its web-like structure, aligns with these non-linear strategies and promotes effective information retention and understanding.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Always link your notes: When adding a new note, ensure that it is linked to existing notes. Avoid creating disconnected notes that hinder the formation of connections.
  • 2. Explain the purpose of linking notes: When connecting two notes with a link, provide a brief explanation of why you are linking them. This helps to establish the relationship between ideas and aids in comprehension.
  • 3. Add connection notes: As you begin to identify connections among seemingly random notes, create connection notes that explicitly link and explain the relationship between other notes. This further enhances the web of ideas and facilitates the generation of new insights.

The Future of AI and Zettelkasten:

In the realm of artificial intelligence, the next breakthrough is expected to come from multimodal AI models. These models possess multiple senses, such as computer vision and audio interpretation, allowing them to understand the world through various inputs. By integrating language models into these AI models, we can enable robots to comprehend their surroundings through visual cues, language, and voice commands.

Furthermore, the addition of reinforcement learning to AI models enables them to train themselves through trial and error, leading to increased autonomy and the ability to interact in different environments. This combination of multimodal capabilities and reinforcement learning opens up exciting possibilities for the future of AI.


The Zettelkasten method provides a powerful framework for organizing and connecting ideas, whether it be for personal knowledge management or the development of AI models. By embracing the web-like structure of interconnected notes, we can unlock the potential for surprising insights and foster creativity through the remixing of ideas. As we look to the future of AI, the integration of Zettelkasten principles can enhance the capabilities of AI models and pave the way for new advancements in the field.

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