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Collect what truly matters to you from the web. It's who you are. Like-minded people will find and learn from you.

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Highlight what you resonate with. Glasp lets you organize it and make it accessible to like-minded people.

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Leverage the highlights by adding tags and notes. You can search everything via full-text search.

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Collective learning is how humans got smarter across generations. Follow like-minded people and learn together.

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AI will help you grasp your hidden insights. Know thyself and know the universe.

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"I love using Glasp to store & organize the important parts of articles and meet interesting contents from friends' highlights. It's much easier to find great resources than Twitter."

Kohei, Startup Founder

"I love Glasp! I use it every time I read online articles. Highlighting with Glasp enforces me to actually read rather than scan through an article. I retain so much more info and can easily revisit my previously read articles to recall details and notes I've made."

Angela, Product Designer

"Glasp has been a lifesaver! It helps me quickly refer to important parts of articles I need to come back to for assignments as well as work. With it, I’ve been more organized and productive! I also often discover useful articles and resources that friends have been reading."

Ananya, Digital Content Creator

"Your Life is Your Message"

Let's make your message visible and accessible to other people.

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Why are we building Glasp?

We want to give everyone the power to leave their learnings and experiences as a utilitarian legacy for future generations! read more