The Future of Tech in 2023: Augmented Reality, AI, Crypto, and More


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Sep 01, 2023

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The Future of Tech in 2023: Augmented Reality, AI, Crypto, and More


As we enter 2023, the tech industry is poised for significant developments and changes. From the anticipated launch of Apple's augmented reality (AR) headset to the growing challenges faced by advertising giants like Google and Facebook, there are several trends and innovations to keep an eye on. Additionally, the future of AI, the impact of regulations on cryptocurrencies, and the battle for dominance in the semiconductor industry between the U.S. and China are all topics that will shape the tech landscape in the coming year.

Augmented Reality: Apple's Influence and the Hype Cycle

Augmented reality has long been touted as the next big computing platform, and Apple's entry into the market with its AR headset is expected to have a significant impact. While AR may not become a mass-market hit immediately due to its high price point, the presence of a dedicated hardware manufacturer like Apple can drive adoption and encourage venture capital investment in the sector. However, it is important to note that AR is still in the early stages, and there will be challenges to overcome before it becomes a mainstream technology.

The AI Hype Cycle and Defensibility Challenges

The hype around AI shows no signs of slowing down, with GPT-4 on the horizon and continued innovation in the field. However, one fundamental question remains unanswered: how do generative AI companies create defensibility? Many of the fastest-growing AI businesses rely on publicly available models, raising concerns about technological advantages and defensibility. While distribution advantages and network effects can offer some form of defensibility, venture capitalists will need to carefully evaluate high-potential companies with fragile value propositions.

The Rise of Insurgent Tech Startups

The dominance of advertising as a revenue source is gradually shifting, and consumers are showing a willingness to embrace alternative platforms. Insurgent startups like BeReal, Mastodon, Poparazzi, and others are challenging established players like Meta (formerly Facebook), Snap, and TikTok. These startups need to convert their novelty factor into a sustainable user base, and the way they leverage new AI models and technological capabilities will play a crucial role in their success.

The Geopolitical Battle for Semiconductor Dominance

Semiconductors are complex and geopolitically significant creations, with control over their production becoming a strategic priority. The U.S. recently curtailed China's access to leading-edge chips, prompting speculation about China's response. One possibility is that China focuses on producing lower-end chips, effectively undercutting Western providers in that segment. This could create leverage and impact American-allied businesses that rely on low-end chips.

Crypto at a Crossroads: Regulation and the Need for Change

The cryptocurrency industry is at a turning point, where necessary changes must be made to reach mainstream adoption or risk dying out. The sector has been plagued by fraud, speculation, and unethical behavior, leading to collapses and a lack of trust. Better regulations are needed to ensure consumer protection and keep customer funds safe. However, finding the right legislation is challenging, as too much regulation can stifle innovation. International collaboration on crypto rules may prove to be the most impactful approach.

The Future of AI: Multimodal Models and Reinforcement Learning

The next breakthrough in AI is expected to come from multimodal models that can interpret multiple senses, such as visual and audio cues, to understand the world. By integrating language models into other AI models, we can enable robots to understand their surroundings through a combination of visual, language, and voice inputs. Additionally, reinforcement learning can further enhance AI models, allowing them to explore, have autonomy, and interact in various environments.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. For investors interested in the AI sector, focus on companies with defensibility beyond technological advantages. Look for distribution advantages, network effects, and other forms of defensibility.
  • 2. Stay updated on the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies. Engage in discussions and advocate for balanced regulations that protect consumers without stifling innovation.
  • 3. Keep an eye on emerging startups that challenge established players. Look for those leveraging new AI models and technological capabilities to drive user adoption and potentially disrupt the market.

In conclusion, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for the tech industry. From the potential impact of Apple's AR headset to the challenges faced by AI companies in creating defensibility, the developments in augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, and semiconductors will shape the future of technology. By staying informed and adapting to these changes, individuals and businesses can navigate the evolving tech landscape successfully.

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