Understanding Your Engagement Levels: A Key to Building a Thriving Community with the Zettelkasten Method


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Aug 28, 2023

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Understanding Your Engagement Levels: A Key to Building a Thriving Community with the Zettelkasten Method

Building and nurturing an engaged community is essential for the success and growth of any organization or group. However, it can be challenging to gauge the levels of engagement within your community and understand what they mean for its overall health. In this article, we will explore the different shapes of engagement levels and how they can impact your community. We will also introduce the concept of the Zettelkasten method, a powerful tool for organizing and connecting ideas, which can be applied to community-building efforts.

Visitor Heavy: The Foundation of Your Community

Every community starts with visitors, individuals who come to your community seeking assistance or answers to their questions. They are the largest group in any community, but they often do not progress beyond this level. If your engagement levels chart shows a high number of visitors and little progression to other levels, it indicates that people are not finding enough value to stay engaged. As a community manager, it is crucial to consider what your community has to offer beyond transactional support to encourage visitors to become more engaged members.

Core Heavy: The Importance of Serving All Members

While having a strong core of dedicated members is essential for any community, it is equally important to cater to those who are not ready or able to reach the core level. If your engagement levels chart shows a significant percentage of members at the core level and limited progression to other levels, it suggests that your community may feel exclusive or out of reach for casual participants or one-off contributors. To promote growth, you need to make your community more welcoming and valuable for members at all levels.

Participation Bottleneck: Identifying Hidden Obstacles

Sometimes, your community may appear healthy overall, but there might be hidden obstacles preventing members from progressing from one level to the next. This bottleneck becomes evident in your engagement levels chart when there is a significant difference between two levels, but smooth transitions between others. If you notice a bottleneck between visitor and participant levels, for example, it indicates that something is hindering visitors from becoming active participants. Identifying and addressing these bottlenecks is crucial for fostering continuous engagement and growth within your community.

Contribution Bottleneck: Empowering Your Community

If your community focuses on user-to-user interactions, a bottleneck between participants and contributors may be expected. However, it is essential to ensure that potential contributors have the necessary skills or access to make meaningful contributions. For user-oriented communities, empower your members to provide support themselves. For product-oriented communities, ensure that potential contributors have access to the necessary processes and tools. By addressing contribution bottlenecks, you unlock the full potential of your community for future growth.

Core Bottleneck: Creating a Positive Contribution Experience

Reaching the core level requires a significant investment of time and effort, making it a smaller part of your overall community. However, it is crucial to examine the contribution experience for these members. If you notice a bottleneck at the core level, it may indicate that the contribution process, tools, or people involved are discouraging members from making further contributions. By improving the experience for first-time contributors, you can ensure that they are motivated to continue their engagement and contribute more to your community.

Ideal Distributions: Striving for Balance

In a healthy community, there should be a relatively consistent difference in the number of members at each level. This balance ensures that every member can progress at their own pace and to their own limits. Strive to achieve an ideal distribution that allows for growth and engagement across all levels.

Zettelkasten Method: Connecting Ideas for Growth

Now, let's introduce the concept of the Zettelkasten method, which can greatly enhance your community-building efforts. Developed by German scholar Niklas Luhmann, the Zettelkasten method involves linking notes together to create a web of ideas. By organizing your notes as a web, you can easily connect seemingly unrelated concepts and uncover new insights. This approach mirrors the organization of webpages and the neurons in our brains, both of which thrive on interconnectedness.

The Zettelkasten method ensures that your notes become entities that are knitted into a larger web of ideas. Unlike traditional note-taking methods that can become overwhelming and disorganized, the Zettelkasten method improves as you add more ideas and connections. It allows you to explore your collection of notes with surprising results, as the interconnectedness of ideas provides unexpected answers to your questions.

Actionable Advice for Building Engaged Communities:

  • 1. Always link your notes: Whenever you add a new note, make sure to link it to existing notes. Avoid creating disconnected notes that hinder the flow of ideas.
  • 2. Explain why you're linking notes: When creating links between notes, briefly explain the purpose or relationship behind the connection. This helps others understand the context and fosters a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of ideas.
  • 3. Add connection notes: As you begin to see connections among seemingly random notes, create specific connection notes that link and explain the relationships between other notes. These connection notes serve as valuable signposts for navigating your web of ideas.

Conclusion: Building Engaged Communities with the Zettelkasten Method

Understanding the engagement levels within your community is crucial for its growth and success. By identifying bottlenecks and addressing them, you can foster continuous engagement and create a welcoming environment for members at all levels. Additionally, incorporating the Zettelkasten method into your community-building efforts allows for the organization and connection of ideas, leading to deeper insights and fostering creativity. By implementing the actionable advice provided, you can build and nurture a thriving community that benefits all its members. Remember, the power of interconnected ideas and engaged members is the key to unlocking the full potential of your community.

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