"Exploring the Intersection of Collective Intelligence, Consciousness, and Better Habits"


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Aug 31, 2023

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"Exploring the Intersection of Collective Intelligence, Consciousness, and Better Habits"


In a world where we are constantly seeking ways to enhance our knowledge, connect with others, and improve ourselves, the concepts of collective intelligence, consciousness, and better habits hold significant importance. Alexandra Elbakyan, the creator of Sci-Hub, envisions a future where brains can be connected using research papers as a medium, prompting questions about the nature of consciousness and the possibility of transferring it to an artificial neural network. Meanwhile, RyanHoliday.net offers valuable insights on developing better habits and achieving personal growth. By exploring the common threads between these ideas, we can uncover unique perspectives on the potential of human potential and self-improvement.

The Link Between Collective Intelligence and Consciousness:

Ancient religions recognized the importance of information and knowledge, attributing them to gods such as Hermes, Thoth, and Nabu. These deities were associated with speech, writing, and rational knowledge, highlighting the deep connection between intelligence and consciousness. Today, various theories attempt to unravel the mystery of consciousness, but few address practical questions like whether we can enhance our consciousness through technological advancements. Elbakyan's idea of connecting brains through a brain-machine interface raises intriguing possibilities for expanding our subjective experiences and qualia beyond the limitations of our biological senses.

Building Better Habits for Personal Growth:

RyanHoliday.net emphasizes the significance of developing better habits for personal growth. The first key advice is to lay out your supplies and take control of your own journey. Marcus Aurelius's Meditations teaches us to be our own saviors and not rely on hope alone. By thinking small and focusing on atomic habits, we can make significant changes over time. Repetitive actions accumulate, leading to a transformative impact. However, it is crucial to exercise patience and recognize that progress takes longer than expected. Hofstadter's law reminds us of this essential habit.

Prioritizing the important things and habitualizing them early in the day is another crucial aspect of developing better habits. By doing so, we ensure that our willpower does not waver and that we consistently make progress. Additionally, setting a bedtime and prioritizing sleep is vital for maintaining energy levels and mental clarity. Sleep is the source of all health and energy, as Arthur Schopenhauer believed. By protecting our sleep, we can optimize our performance and achieve our goals.

Creating a Supportive Environment:

The concept of positive peer pressure and joining a culture where desired behaviors are the norm plays a significant role in building better habits. Surrounding ourselves with people who exhibit the habits we aspire to have cultivates an environment where improvement is encouraged and celebrated. As James Clear writes, "Your culture sets your expectation for what is 'normal.'" By rising together with like-minded individuals, we can elevate our own habits and inspire others to do the same.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Start small and focus on developing atomic habits that can accumulate over time. Remember that progress takes longer than expected, so exercise patience and perseverance.
  • 2. Prioritize the important tasks and establish a habit of doing them early in the day. Protect your sleep and ensure you have the energy and clarity to tackle your goals.
  • 3. Surround yourself with individuals who exhibit the habits you aspire to have. Join a culture where your desired behavior is the norm, and leverage the power of positive peer pressure to support your growth journey.


The convergence of collective intelligence, consciousness, and better habits offers a fascinating perspective on human potential and self-improvement. While Alexandra Elbakyan envisions a future where brains can be connected through technology, RyanHoliday.net emphasizes the importance of building better habits for personal growth. By incorporating actionable advice and focusing on small steps, patience, and the creation of a supportive environment, we can unlock our full potential and lead fulfilling lives. The journey towards collective intelligence, enhanced consciousness, and personal growth begins with these foundational habits and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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