The Key to Building Better Habits and Effective Leadership in 2023


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Jul 21, 2023

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The Key to Building Better Habits and Effective Leadership in 2023


In order to achieve personal growth and success, it is essential to develop better habits and cultivate effective leadership skills. This article combines insights from two different sources to provide actionable advice on how to improve habits and adapt to the changing role of a CTO in today's evolving business landscape.

Lay Out Your Supplies:

Marcus Aurelius's Meditations emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for our own progress and not relying on external factors. Similarly, when it comes to building better habits, we need to stop expecting change to happen effortlessly. We must actively engage in the process and be our own savior.

Think Small:

James Clear, in his book "Atomic Habits," highlights the power of small habits that accumulate over time. By starting with easy and repetitive actions, we can make significant changes in our lives. The key is to focus on making consistent progress, no matter how small.

Lengthen Your Timeline:

Patience is a crucial virtue when it comes to building habits. It often takes longer than expected to see results. Understanding this and embracing the journey will help us stay committed and motivated. As Hofstadter's law states, things always take longer than you think.

See Everything as a Challenge:

Approaching tasks and challenges as opportunities for growth and learning can greatly enhance our ability to develop better habits. By reframing difficulties as challenges, we can maintain a positive mindset and find motivation in overcoming obstacles.

Do The Important Things First:

Prioritizing important tasks and making them part of our daily routine is essential. Willpower tends to diminish throughout the day, so tackling important tasks early ensures that they get done. By making important tasks a habit, we can ensure steady progress towards our goals.

Set a Bedtime:

Taking care of our sleep is vital for maintaining energy, clarity, and productivity. Arthur Schopenhauer wisely stated that sleep is the source of all health and energy. By prioritizing and protecting our sleep, we can optimize our performance in all areas of life.

Say No To Say Yes:

Learning to say no is crucial for managing our finite resources effectively. By setting boundaries and prioritizing our commitments, we can focus on what truly matters. It is essential to protect our time and energy to achieve our goals.

Discipline Now, Freedom Later:

Musonius Rufus's famous quote reminds us that discipline in the present leads to freedom in the future. When faced with challenging tasks or decisions, reminding ourselves of the long-term rewards can provide the necessary motivation to stay disciplined.

Create Positive Peer Pressure:

Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who embody the habits we aspire to develop can greatly influence our own behavior. Joining a community or culture that supports and encourages our desired habits can significantly enhance our chances of success.

Keep Coming Back:

Accepting that setbacks and failures are part of the journey is essential. Instead of giving up, we should persevere and continue working on our habits. As Marcus Aurelius said, "for the soul to give up when the body is still going strong" is disgraceful. Returning to our habits after a setback is crucial to long-term success.


Building better habits and adapting to the changing role of a CTO require commitment, patience, and a willingness to learn and grow. By incorporating the actionable advice mentioned above, we can take significant steps towards personal and professional development in 2023.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Start small: Focus on developing one small habit at a time to build momentum and achieve long-lasting change.
  • 2. Prioritize important tasks: Establish a routine that ensures the most important tasks are completed early in the day.
  • 3. Surround yourself with the right people: Join communities or networks that support and encourage the habits you want to develop.

By following these three actionable pieces of advice, you can set yourself up for success in building better habits and adapting to the evolving demands of leadership in 2023.

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