James Turrell: A Retrospective

By Michael Govan
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"James Turrell" by Michael Govan offers a comprehensive exploration of the life and work of renowned contemporary artist James Turrell. This book delves into Turrell's groundbreaking contributions to the field of light and space art, showcasing his transformative installations and immersive environments.

Govan delves into Turrell's early years, discussing his upbringing and the influences that shaped his artistic vision. From his encounters with the Basque people in the American Southwest to his exposure to Quakerism, Turrell's background is illustrated as a significant foundation for his later artistic endeavors.

The book examines Turrell's mastery of light and his ability to manipulate perception, inviting readers to appreciate the profound impact of his work. With vivid descriptions and stunning visuals, readers are guided through Turrell's key installations, such as Roden Crater, Skyspaces, and Ganzfelds, showcasing his transformative use of color, shape, and illusion.

Govan delves into Turrell's approach to spirituality and his belief in light as an elemental force. He explores Turrell's collaborations with architects and scientists, who have assisted him in realizing his ambitious projects. Through interviews and behind-the-scenes insights, readers gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for Turrell's innovative artistic practice.

"James Turrell" celebrates the artist's profound contributions and invites readers to contemplate the power of perception and the transformative experience of art. With its concise and precise writing style, this book serves as an indispensable resource for art enthusiasts, scholars, and anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the visionary world of James Turrell.
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