Atlas Shrugged

By Ayn Rand
In the dystopian world of "Atlas Shrugged," individuals pursue their own ambitions, driven by reason and self-interest. As society crumbles under the weight of collectivism, industrialist Dagny Taggart struggles to keep her railroad company afloat. She uncovers a mysterious figure, John Galt, who leads a strike of the creative minds responsible for society's progress. Guided by their values and principles, they retreat to a hidden oasis known as Galt's Gulch. As the world collapses, Dagny races against time to understand the philosophy of the strike and find Galt. Will she unravel the mystery and join the revolt against society's suffocating embrace? "Atlas Shrugged" explores the power of individualism and the consequences of sacrificing the pursuit of excellence for the sake of the collective.
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