Animal Farm

By George Orwell
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"Animal Farm" by George Orwell is a timeless allegorical novella that explores the corruption of power through the lens of a seemingly harmless farmyard rebellion. Set on Manor Farm, the animals are tired of their mistreatment and exploitation by the human farmer, Mr. Jones. Led by the intelligent pigs, specifically Old Major and his successors Napoleon and Snowball, they overthrow their human oppressors and establish their own self-governing society.

Initially, the animals embrace the principles of Animalism, a set of commandments that promote equality and a fair distribution of resources. However, as time passes, the pigs gradually consolidate their power, eroding the egalitarian principles upon which the rebellion was founded. They rewrite the commandments to justify their increasing privileges and manipulate the other animals with propaganda and fear tactics.

The once unified and harmonious animal society is soon divided, with the pigs forming an elite ruling class. Napoleon, the devious and power-hungry pig, emerges as the self-proclaimed leader, eliminating any opposition to his rule. The hardworking and loyal horse Boxer becomes indoctrinated into blindly supporting the pigs, and his eventual tragic fate serves as a harrowing reminder of the harsh realities of totalitarianism.

As the pigs align themselves with humans, betraying their fellow animals, the original commandments are revised to a single maxim that exemplifies the pigs' hypocrisy: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." The once-revolutionary animal rebellion, now mirroring the tyranny it sought to escape, becomes indistinguishable from the human-dominated society it replaced.

"Animal Farm" serves as a cautionary tale, providing a stark and insightful critique of political corruption, abuse of power, and the dangers of blind obedience. With its timeless themes and memorable characters, Orwell's masterpiece continues to resonate with readers, highlighting the potential consequences of unchecked authority and the illusory nature of utopian ideals.
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