Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre

By Keith Johnstone
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"Impro" by Keith Johnstone is an influential guide to improvisational theater, providing valuable insights and practical exercises for performers and enthusiasts.

This book explores the principles of improvisation, emphasizing the importance of spontaneity, trust, and collaboration on stage. Johnstone introduces various games and exercises that encourage actors to break free from inhibitions and tap into their creativity.

He also discusses the role of status in improvisation, highlighting how understanding and manipulating status dynamics can enhance performances. Johnstone explains the concept of mask work, encouraging actors to embody different characters and explore alternative perspectives.

In addition, "Impro" delves into the power of storytelling and the creation of narratives on the fly. Johnstone explores techniques for building engaging scenes, emphasizing the importance of listening, reacting, and building on ideas.

The book also addresses the challenges and pitfalls of improvisation, such as the fear of failure and the pressure to be constantly funny. Johnstone provides guidance on how performers can overcome these obstacles and truly become fearless and spontaneous on stage.

Through its concise and insightful approach, "Impro" offers a comprehensive toolkit for anyone interested in improvisational theater, whether for performance, teaching, or personal growth. It is a valuable resource for actors, directors, educators, and individuals seeking to enhance their creative and collaborative skills in any field.
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