Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #167 | Summary and Q&A

December 20, 2019
H3 Podcast
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Andrew Yang - H3 Podcast #167


Andrew Yang discusses his experiences in the presidential debates, the importance of innovative solutions to political issues, and the need for economic aid in stabilizing Mexico and combating drug cartels.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How has Andrew Yang's performance in the presidential debates been received?

Andrew Yang's team is thrilled with the positive press coverage he has received after the debates. Many mainstream columns have named him as one of the winners of the debates.

Q: Is there a prominent political talk show host that Andrew Yang considers to be the apex of political talk shows?

According to Yang, he is grateful to be invited to talk shows like the one he is appearing on, as politics is not usually the main focus. He appreciates the opportunity to have interesting and engaging conversations.

Q: What is Andrew Yang's background in politics?

Yang studied political science and economics in college, followed by law school. After a brief and unhappy period as a lawyer, he decided to run for president, joking that his wife would have run the other direction if she had known. Yang's wife, Evelyn, is now actively supporting his campaign.

Q: How does Andrew Yang's debate strategy differ from other candidates?

Yang tends to answer questions directly and succinctly, often finishing his responses before the allotted time is up. He believes in focusing on answering the question asked of him rather than veering off into unrelated talking points.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Yang reflects on his success in the presidential debates and the positive reception he has received from mainstream media.

  • He emphasizes the need for innovative and engaging political talk shows that focus on important issues beyond just politics.

  • Yang discusses his background in politics and his decision to run for president, highlighting his commitment to elevating politicians and solving societal problems.

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