Why you live or die by your email list | Summary and Q&A

December 31, 2014
Behind the Brand
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Why you live or die by your email list


Building brand advocacy relies on the intersection of content and context, where others promote your product or service based on their positive experiences.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does context enhance brand advocacy?

Context plays a crucial role in brand advocacy as people are more likely to trust recommendations from someone they deem influential or trustworthy. Building relationships and positive experiences help create the right context for advocacy to flourish.

Q: How has the internet changed word-of-mouth marketing?

The internet has transformed word-of-mouth marketing by removing geographic boundaries. Now, anyone can share their opinions and recommendations globally, allowing businesses to reach a wider audience and potential advocates.

Q: How can small businesses build their community of brand advocates?

Small businesses can build brand advocates by providing excellent customer service, asking for and recording testimonials, making customers feel like heroes in their experience, offering rewards, and getting to know their customers' preferences.

Q: Why is building a database of customer emails important?

Having a database of customer emails allows businesses to communicate directly with their audience, providing updates, specials, or new product launches. Email is still a widely used communication channel and allows for a more targeted and personalized marketing approach.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Advocacy is most effective when someone influential or trusted recommends a product or service, highlighting the importance of context in brand promotion.

  • The internet has amplified word-of-mouth, allowing anyone to share recommendations and experiences, enabling businesses, even small coffee shops, to build brand advocates through good customer service.

  • Building a community of loyal customers takes time and effort, but it can be achieved by making customers feel appreciated, capturing their feedback and testimonials, and leveraging email as a valuable marketing tool.

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