Managing Your Workforce Through COVID-19 | Summary and Q&A

April 24, 2020
GGV Capital U.S.
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Managing Your Workforce Through COVID-19


Venture capital firm discusses the challenges of managing companies during the COVID-19 crisis and shares insights and best practices for remote work and employee well-being.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How are companies approaching remote work and employee engagement during the crisis?

Companies are prioritizing connectivity and creating a sense of community by increasing communication channels, implementing regular check-ins, and providing resources for mental health and well-being.

Q: How can managers support employees who are experiencing anxiety and stress?

Managers can create a safe and open environment for employees to express their concerns, offer resources for managing anxiety, encourage self-care practices, and provide flexibility in work schedules and responsibilities.

Q: What are some effective communication protocols and channels for organizations during this time?

Companies are leveraging video conferencing tools like Zoom, conducting regular check-ins and daily stand-ups, and utilizing platforms like Workboard to manage performance and communication. They are also encouraging direct communication through phone calls and utilizing digital platforms for sharing important updates.

Q: How can companies adapt their physical workspaces to ensure employee health and productivity?

Companies can consider implementing hot-desking or flexible workstations, reducing office space requirements, and reevaluating the need for in-person meetings and business travel. Prioritizing employee health and safety should guide decision-making.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • The COVID-19 crisis has hit every sector in a short period of time, causing unprecedented challenges for executives and managers in companies of all sizes.

  • Webinars and discussions have become valuable resources for exchanging experiences and sharing best practices during these trying times.

  • Effective management strategies include understanding human behavior, prioritizing connectivity and support for employees, and helping managers navigate difficult conversations.

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