Embracing Individuality: Thinking for Yourself and Choosing Enjoyment over Pleasure


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Sep 28, 2023

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Embracing Individuality: Thinking for Yourself and Choosing Enjoyment over Pleasure


In a world that often values conformity and seeks pleasure, it is crucial to cultivate independent thinking and prioritize enjoyment over momentary gratification. This article explores the importance of thinking for oneself and making conscious choices that bring long-lasting fulfillment. By embracing these concepts, individuals can break free from societal constraints and create a life that aligns with their true desires and passions.

Thinking for Yourself:

To truly think for oneself, it is necessary to challenge conventional beliefs and surround oneself with independent-minded individuals. By immersing oneself in a diverse network of people, one can expand their perspectives and discover unconventional ideas. The courage to follow one's heart and intuition is essential in pursuing paths that may seem contrary to popular opinion. Successful startups, for example, often emerge from founders and early employees who have the independence of thought to pursue ideas that others may dismiss as "bad." By being less aware of conventional beliefs, individuals can tap into their unique insights and contribute to innovation.

Expanding Knowledge Through History:

History offers a valuable opportunity to understand the perspectives of those who lived before us. By delving into the minds of historical figures, we can gain insights into their experiences and challenge our own preconceptions. Triangulating a point in history, much like travelling far to gain a different perspective, expands our knowledge and allows us to uncover new ideas. The goal is not to find flaws in existing knowledge but to unveil hidden ideas concealed within broken ones. Curiosity, fastidiousness about truth, and resistance to being told what to think are the three components that exercise our independent thinking muscles.

Choosing Enjoyment Over Pleasure:

While pleasure may provide momentary gratification, enjoyment is a conscious effort that brings long-term satisfaction. Pleasure is often addictive and animalistic, while enjoyment is a human experience that arises from personal effort. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi emphasizes that enjoyment involves a sense of effort, forward movement, and accomplishment. By committing ourselves to savoring situations and engaging in tasks, we can experience joy and fun. Moreover, the memories of enjoyable experiences can bring lasting happiness.

Avoiding External Validation:

Sharing our lives on social media platforms can diminish our enjoyment of experiences. The pressure to present ourselves positively can hinder our true enjoyment. Studies have shown that those who voluntarily share their photos online derive less enjoyment from the experience than those who keep the photos for personal memories. Similarly, adopting an excessively practical worldview that avoids "wasting" time can also diminish enjoyment. Appreciating the value of leisure and unproductive activities, such as spending time with friends or indulging in a good book, enhances the overall enjoyment of life.

The Significance of Enjoyment:

Josef Pieper, a 20th-century philosopher, argues that true leisure and enjoyment are only possible when one is at peace with oneself. Enjoyment goes beyond mere good feelings; it is a declaration of independence from base impulses and joyless drudgery. By refusing to be managed by pleasures or subjugated by societal expectations, individuals can create lives that align with their true desires. Enjoyment becomes a key ingredient in pursuing a fulfilling and authentic life.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Surround yourself with independent-minded individuals who challenge conventional beliefs. Engaging with diverse perspectives will broaden your thinking and inspire innovative ideas.
  • 2. Embrace curiosity and actively seek out knowledge from different eras and cultures. Triangulate your understanding by exploring historical perspectives, expanding your intellectual horizons.
  • 3. Prioritize enjoyment over momentary pleasure. Engage in activities that bring you a sense of effort, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Avoid the pressure of external validation and focus on creating experiences that align with your true desires.


Thinking for oneself and choosing enjoyment over pleasure are powerful tools in creating a fulfilling and authentic life. By breaking free from societal constraints, embracing independent thinking, and prioritizing experiences that bring long-lasting satisfaction, individuals can pave their own unique paths towards happiness and success. Remember, the journey towards self-discovery and personal growth begins with the courage to think independently and the willingness to choose enjoyment over momentary gratification.

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