The Power of Innovation: From Stupid Apps to Changing the World


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Jul 13, 2023

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The Power of Innovation: From Stupid Apps to Changing the World


In a world driven by technological advancements, it is often easy to dismiss the potential impact of seemingly trivial inventions. From social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to the revolutionary iPhone, many groundbreaking innovations were initially disregarded as mere toys. However, as we delve deeper into the dynamics of network growth and the importance of user engagement, it becomes evident that these so-called "stupid apps" have the power to change the world.

The Power of Networks and User Engagement:

The value of a network is not linear but, rather, grows exponentially with the square of the number of nodes. This fundamental principle explains why platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become global phenomena. The more users they attract, the more valuable they become, creating an interconnected web of communication and information. Therefore, if your product or service manages to captivate a dedicated user base, engaging with it consistently and fostering new behaviors, it is a clear sign to keep pushing forward.

Changing the World: Strategies that Work:

When it comes to changing the world through technology, there are two time-tested strategies. The first is to build something that a niche group of people truly loves, even if the majority perceives it as a trivial toy. This strategy has proven successful for many innovative startups that eventually grew into influential platforms. By catering to a dedicated fanbase, these companies paved the way for widespread adoption and societal change.

The second strategy involves embracing hyperambition and embarking on ventures that challenge the status quo. Whether it means starting an electric car company like Tesla or a rocket company like SpaceX, these audacious endeavors have the potential to reshape industries and push technological boundaries. By daring to dream big and pursuing ambitious goals, these companies have become catalysts for innovation and progress.

Overcoming Doubt and Naysayers:

In the journey to change the world, it is crucial not to claim success prematurely. True change takes time, dedication, and tangible results. Only when the impact of your efforts becomes undeniable can you confidently declare that you have indeed made a difference. Ignoring the skeptics and focusing on what truly excites and interests you is paramount. The internet is filled with commenters and journalists who may belittle your work, dismissing it as insignificant. However, it is important to remember that these individuals often lack the drive to create anything themselves. Trust your instincts, stay focused, and let your passion guide you towards meaningful change.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Build an Engaged User Base: Instead of trying to appeal to everyone, focus on delighting a specific group of users. By creating a product or service that resonates deeply with them, you can cultivate a loyal and engaged community that will help drive your vision forward.
  • 2. Embrace Ambition: Do not shy away from setting audacious goals. The most significant changes in the world have been achieved by those who dared to dream big. Be bold, take risks, and challenge the status quo, for it is through audacity that true transformations occur.
  • 3. Stay Resilient: The path to changing the world is rarely smooth. There will be setbacks, doubters, and moments of uncertainty. However, it is essential to stay resilient, maintaining your focus and determination. Perseverance is often the key to overcoming obstacles and making a lasting impact.


In a world where "stupid apps" have the potential to change the course of history, it is crucial to recognize the power of innovation. By understanding the dynamics of network growth, engaging with dedicated users, and pursuing audacious goals, we can make a difference. Let us not be deterred by doubt or criticism but instead harness our passion and creativity to shape a better future. Remember, the world is waiting for those who are willing to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of possibility.

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