Creating Valuable Content: A Holistic Approach to Information Gathering and Keyword Research


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Jul 10, 2023

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Creating Valuable Content: A Holistic Approach to Information Gathering and Keyword Research


In today's digital age, the abundance of information available on the web can be overwhelming. As avid readers and content creators, we often find ourselves in need of a better way to capture and organize the valuable insights we come across. Additionally, as content marketers, we strive to create content that not only meets user expectations but also attracts search engine algorithms. This article explores two essential aspects: capturing information effectively through Glasp and adopting a comprehensive approach to keyword research.

Capturing Information with Glasp:

Glasp is a revolutionary tool that allows users to seamlessly collect information from web pages without disrupting the reading experience. With Glasp, there's no need to switch between pages or physical notes. Instead, you can effortlessly highlight and gather information as you read, subsequently processing it into your preferred note-taking software. This streamlined approach not only enhances productivity but also eliminates the risk of losing valuable insights. Moreover, Glasp offers a unique opportunity to connect with other individuals who are researching the same topics, enabling knowledge sharing and idea generation.

Utilizing Social Networks for Keyword Research:

Traditional keyword research tools may fall short in capturing the genuine concerns and interests of users. Instead of solely relying on these tools, it is beneficial to explore alternative platforms like Quora, Twitter, YouTube, and more. Social networks provide a wealth of discussions and opinions, making them invaluable resources for identifying topics that truly resonate with people. By focusing on questions and problems related to a specific subject, content creators can gain a deeper understanding of user intent and develop content that effectively addresses their needs.

The Power of Questions, Problems, and Queries:

When initiating keyword research on platforms like Quora, it is essential to save links to relevant questions. This allows for easy reference when creating content and provides an opportunity to engage with the community by providing well-thought-out answers. By utilizing multiple platforms, content creators can uncover unique angles, questions, and trails that enhance their list of queries and ultimately enrich their content. To optimize content creation, it is crucial to group problems into topics, as Google measures topical relevance. Focusing on one topic at a time allows for the development of expertise. Additionally, aligning problems with queries ensures a comprehensive SEO strategy that caters to user intent.

Understanding User Intent and the Buyer's Funnel:

User intent plays a significant role in creating valuable content. Google identifies six basic user intents, which can be deduced by analyzing SERP features such as featured snippets or Google shopping ads. Understanding user intent helps content creators tailor their content to align with the needs and expectations of their target audience. Furthermore, mapping user intents to the buyer's funnel provides insights into the sequence of intents that users go through during their purchasing journey. The "See-Think-Do-Care" framework, popularized by Avinash Kaushik, can be applied to both content and keywords to identify gaps and create a well-rounded content strategy.

Considerations for Content Marketing:

It's essential to acknowledge that SEO strategies differ for large and small websites. Large sites have the advantage of capitalizing on their product inventory or user-generated content for SEO purposes. On the other hand, smaller sites often rely heavily on content marketing. Recognizing these differences allows content creators to tailor their strategies accordingly, ensuring optimal results.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Glasp: Incorporate Glasp into your reading routine to seamlessly capture and process information without disrupting your flow.
  • 2. Leverage Social Networks: Explore platforms like Quora, Twitter, YouTube, and others to gain insights into user concerns and interests.
  • 3. Focus on User Intent: Align your content with user intent by mapping user intents to the buyer's funnel and utilizing frameworks like "See-Think-Do-Care" to identify gaps in your content strategy.


By adopting a holistic approach to information gathering and keyword research, content creators can create valuable and engaging content that surpasses user expectations and attracts search engine algorithms. With tools like Glasp and the insights gained from social networks, content creators can capture information effectively and develop content that addresses genuine user concerns. By understanding user intent and considering the buyer's funnel, content creators can tailor their strategies, resulting in highly targeted and impactful content.

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