Unlocking Creativity and Building the Apex Aggregator: The Power of the Zwicky Box and OpenAI's Attention Model


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Sep 19, 2023

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Unlocking Creativity and Building the Apex Aggregator: The Power of the Zwicky Box and OpenAI's Attention Model


Creativity and problem-solving are essential skills in today's rapidly evolving world. In this article, we will explore two powerful methods for unlocking creativity and discuss OpenAI's revolutionary attention model, which has the potential to reshape the tech industry. By combining the concepts of the Zwicky box and OpenAI's attention model, we can unleash our creative potential and build groundbreaking platforms.

The Zwicky Box: A Method for Problem Solving and Creativity:

The Zwicky box, named after the Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky, is a simple yet effective method for generating unique ideas. By breaking a problem down into categories and assigning values to each category, we can combine these values to create innovative solutions. Zwicky believed that by thinking morphologically and breaking free from conventional thought patterns, we could shape the future through bold and imaginative ideas.

OpenAI's Attention Model: Attention is All You Need:

OpenAI has garnered significant attention with its attention model, which has the potential to revolutionize the tech industry. The attention model, known as Transformers, focuses on paying attention to the right parts of the input, eliminating the need for other neural network layers. This approach simplifies and enhances the performance of various applications.

OpenAI's Path to Becoming the Apex Aggregator:

In a short period, OpenAI has transformed from a relatively unknown entity to a potential dominant force in the tech industry. By leveraging its attention model and the release of plugins, OpenAI is on the path to becoming the Apex Aggregator. The Apex Aggregator can control demand, turn attention into actions, and aggregate other aggregators, leading to unprecedented power and influence.

The Impact of OpenAI's Plugins:

OpenAI's plugins have been compared to Apple's App Store, but their potential impact goes beyond that. Plugins can be integrated into ChatGPT, turning it into a platform that offers diverse functionalities. This unique approach differentiates OpenAI from traditional platforms and allows it to absorb the capabilities of various products, increasing its influence and reach.

The Disruption of Industries and Value Chains:

OpenAI's plugins have the potential to disrupt numerous industries and value chains. Companies will need to focus on differentiation and providing exceptional value in specific areas to thrive in this new landscape. The emphasis on quality and specialization will create a more competitive marketplace, benefitting consumers with lower prices and more unique offerings.

Creating a Platform of Platforms:

OpenAI's strategy of integrating plugins into its Intelligence API enables developers to build products without the need for extensive marketing or brand-building. This approach fosters innovation and encourages developers to excel in their specific areas of expertise. Furthermore, OpenAI can expose plugin capabilities in the Intelligence API, creating a smart platform of platforms.

The Importance of Differentiation:

In this new paradigm, brand recognition becomes less crucial compared to actual differentiation. ChatGPT's ability to match users with specialized products based on their needs incentivizes suppliers to focus on specific attributes and excel in their respective fields. This shift will lead to a more diverse and user-centric marketplace.

The Potential for Disintermediation:

As OpenAI's influence grows, it may disintermediate numerous businesses and reshape how industries operate. Companies will need to adapt to ChatGPT's recommendations and align their products with its capabilities. This transformation will benefit consumers with lower prices and a wider range of options.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the Zwicky box method: Break problems down into categories, assign values, and combine them to generate unique ideas. This approach can unlock your creative potential and lead to innovative solutions.
  • 2. Stay updated on OpenAI's developments: Keep an eye on OpenAI's attention model and the potential impact of plugins. Understanding these concepts will help you navigate the evolving tech landscape and identify new opportunities.
  • 3. Focus on differentiation and specialization: In a marketplace driven by ChatGPT's recommendations, differentiation becomes crucial. Identify areas where you can excel and provide exceptional value to stand out from the competition.


Combining the Zwicky box method with OpenAI's attention model presents exciting possibilities for problem-solving, creativity, and platform building. By embracing these concepts and staying adaptable, individuals and businesses can harness the power of innovation and thrive in a rapidly changing world. Embrace creativity, leverage technology, and differentiate yourself to unlock your full potential.

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