Revolutionizing Online Reading: A New Product for Diverse Perspectives and Intentional Learning


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Sep 05, 2023

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Revolutionizing Online Reading: A New Product for Diverse Perspectives and Intentional Learning


In today's digital age, access to information has never been easier. However, the abundance of online content comes with its own set of challenges. Paywalls and filter bubbles are restricting our exposure to a limited range of publications, hindering our ability to gain diverse perspectives and expand our knowledge. In this article, we explore the need for a new product that changes the way we read online, enabling intentional learning and breaking free from the constraints of curated content.

The Importance of Diverse Perspectives:

Reading across different sources allows us to embrace diverse perspectives and enhance our diversity of thought. It broadens our understanding of various topics, encouraging critical thinking and fostering empathy. By immersing ourselves in a variety of viewpoints, we can challenge our own biases and expand our intellectual horizons.

The Limitations of Paywalls and Filter Bubbles:

Unfortunately, paywalls and filter bubbles have become significant obstacles in our quest for diverse perspectives. Paywalls restrict access to valuable content, forcing us to rely on a limited number of publications. This not only limits the range of voices we encounter but also reinforces the echo chambers of our own beliefs. Filter bubbles, on the other hand, algorithmically tailor our content based on our previous preferences, further reinforcing our existing biases and narrowing our exposure to new ideas.

The Need for Intentional Reading:

To combat the limitations of paywalls and filter bubbles, we must become intentional readers. Rather than passively accepting the curated content presented to us, we need to ask ourselves, "What do I really need to know or learn more about today to achieve my goals?" By setting clear intentions for our reading, we can actively seek out the information and perspectives that align with our objectives, breaking free from the constraints imposed by external curators.

The Crisis of Trust in Media:

One of the significant challenges we face in the realm of online reading is the declining trust in media. In 2021, overall trust in US media hit an all-time low, ranking last among 46 nations in a recent Reuters survey. This lack of trust erodes our confidence in the information we consume, making it even more crucial to seek out diverse perspectives and verify the credibility of our sources.

Facebook's Approach to Product Development:

In the pursuit of creating a new product that revolutionizes online reading, we can draw inspiration from Facebook's approach to product development. Facebook uses three key questions to guide their decision-making process:

  • 1. What people problem are we trying to solve?

By identifying the core issue that users face, we can design a solution that addresses their needs. For example, a common problem might be: "I want to talk about an interest with other people who are also interested, but I don't know where to find these people."

  • 2. How do we know this is a real problem?

Gathering qualitative and quantitative evidence is crucial to validate the existence of the identified problem. This evidence ensures that our efforts are focused on solving real issues rather than perceived ones.

  • 3. How will we know if we've solved this problem?

Setting measurable goals, metrics, and milestones before launching the product allows us to assess its effectiveness. By tracking user engagement, satisfaction, and other relevant metrics, we can determine if our solution has truly addressed the problem at hand.

Actionable Advice for Intentional Reading:

  • 1. Diversify Your Sources: Make a conscious effort to explore a wide range of publications and platforms. Seek out alternative viewpoints and perspectives that challenge your existing beliefs. This will help you develop a more well-rounded understanding of complex issues.
  • 2. Verify Credibility: Before accepting information as truth, ensure that it comes from reputable sources. Take the time to fact-check and cross-reference information from multiple sources to avoid falling victim to misinformation or biased narratives.
  • 3. Set Reading Intentions: Rather than aimlessly browsing the web, set specific intentions for your reading sessions. Identify the topics or areas you want to explore and actively seek out content that aligns with your goals. This intentional approach will enhance your learning and enable you to make more informed decisions.


In the age of information overload, it is crucial to break free from the limitations imposed by paywalls and filter bubbles. By embracing diverse perspectives and becoming intentional readers, we can expand our knowledge, challenge our biases, and navigate the vast digital landscape with confidence. By incorporating the principles of Facebook's product development approach and following the actionable advice provided, we can ensure that our online reading experiences are enriching, enlightening, and transformative. Let us embark on this journey of intentional reading and embrace the power of diverse perspectives.

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