The Role of Product Managers in the Edtech Industry: From Good to Great


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Sep 11, 2023

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The Role of Product Managers in the Edtech Industry: From Good to Great


In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of edtech, product managers play a crucial role in driving success. They are responsible for understanding the market, the product, and the competition, and using this knowledge to devise and execute winning plans. In this article, we will explore the qualities of good product managers and how they can contribute to the growth of the edtech industry. Additionally, we will discuss the current trends and future outlook of the edtech landscape.

Understanding the Market and Product:

Good product managers in the edtech industry possess an in-depth understanding of the market, the product line, and the competition. They operate from a strong basis of knowledge and confidence, enabling them to make informed decisions. By knowing the context, such as the company's revenue, funding, and competition, they can take responsibility for devising and executing a winning plan, without making excuses. This level of expertise allows them to anticipate potential flaws in the product and develop effective solutions.

Managing and Leading the Product Team:

In addition to their deep understanding of the market and product, good product managers are effective leaders. They don't allow their time to be consumed by various organizational distractions, but rather, they manage the product team. By crisply defining the target and managing the delivery of the product, they ensure that the team remains focused and efficient. Moreover, they create collateral, presentations, and white papers that can be leveraged to communicate the value of the product to stakeholders.

The Power of Social Learning:

One of the key trends in the edtech industry is the growing demand for social and community-driven learning experiences. Consumers are yearning for a truly social learning environment, where they can engage and interact with others. Interestingly, popular edutainment companies with strong single-player experiences have missed an opportunity to capitalize on social learning. Teaching, as a learning method, has been proven to drive greater retention. Therefore, incorporating social learning experiences into edtech platforms can enhance the overall educational experience and improve learning outcomes.

Verticalized Education and Parent Engagement:

Another important trend in the edtech industry is the rise of verticalized education and the increased focus on parent engagement. Consumer buying behavior has shifted significantly, with parents and other stakeholders seeking to be more informed and involved in their children's education. This presents an opportunity for product managers to develop K12 models that address the growing demand for supplemental learning. By catering to the needs of parents and providing them with the necessary tools and information, edtech companies can tap into a new market segment and drive growth.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Foster a deep understanding: To be a successful product manager in the edtech industry, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of the market, the product, and the competition. Stay updated on industry trends, conduct market research, and continuously learn and adapt to changes.
  • 2. Embrace social learning: Incorporate social learning experiences into your edtech platform to enhance engagement and improve learning outcomes. Encourage collaboration, peer-to-peer interaction, and the sharing of knowledge among learners.
  • 3. Prioritize parent engagement: Recognize the importance of parent engagement in the edtech industry. Develop tools and features that enable parents to be actively involved in their children's education. Provide regular updates, progress reports, and communication channels to foster a strong partnership between parents and educators.


In conclusion, good product managers in the edtech industry possess a strong knowledge base, excel in leadership, and are focused on delivering superior value to the market. By understanding the market and product, managing the product team effectively, and embracing emerging trends such as social learning and parent engagement, product managers can contribute to the growth and success of the edtech industry. By following the actionable advice provided, product managers can elevate their performance and make a lasting impact in the field of education.

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