Calculus 2 - Basic Integration | Summary and Q&A

July 30, 2018
The Organic Chemistry Tutor
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Calculus 2 - Basic Integration


Learn different integration techniques, such as integration by parts and trigonometric integrals, in Calculus 2.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does integration by parts work?

Integration by parts involves breaking down the integrand into two parts, u and dv. The formula ∫udv = uv - ∫vdu is then used to compute the integral, where u and v are determined based on the given function.

Q: What is a common trigonometric identity used in trigonometric integrals?

One common trigonometric identity used is sine^2(x) + cosine^2(x) = 1. It can be manipulated to replace sine^2(x) or cosine^2(x) in an integral to simplify the expression.

Q: When should trigonometric substitution be used in integration?

Trigonometric substitution is used when the integrand can be expressed in the form a^2 - x^2, a^2 + x^2, or x^2 - a^2, where a is a constant. In these cases, substituting x with a trigonometric function simplifies the integral.

Q: How can the integral of trigonometric functions with even and odd powers be solved?

Trigonometric functions with even powers can be manipulated using trigonometric identities to simplify the integration. Trigonometric functions with odd powers can be split into odd and even components, and then integrated separately.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Integration by parts is a technique used when integrating functions that are multiplied together, involving the formula: ∫udv = uv - ∫vdu.

  • Trigonometric integrals involve manipulating trigonometric functions using trigonometric identities to make them easier to integrate.

  • Trigonometric substitution is another integration technique that involves substituting trigonometric functions to simplify integrals.

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