Welcome to the Spontaneous Internet: Creating New Online Spaces for a Friendlier and Raw Experience


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Sep 09, 2023

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Welcome to the Spontaneous Internet: Creating New Online Spaces for a Friendlier and Raw Experience

In 2021, there is a rush to create new online spaces that bring a sense of spontaneity and serendipity to the internet. These next-generation social platforms have one thing in common: they strive to make the internet friendlier, more human, and unedited. Let's explore some of these platforms and how they improve the experience of hanging out online.

Open Spaces: Hanging Out in Servers, Clubs, and Rooms

One of the key features of these new online spaces is the concept of "open spaces." Platforms like Clubhouse, Discord, and Dispo are creating virtual environments where people can hang out and engage with others. In Clubhouse, for example, there's a sense that anything can happen. Raw and unedited conversations keep listeners on their toes, while scheduled shows and special guests build hype and grow audiences.

Discord takes a slightly different approach by providing users with the perfect place to hang out online. It's less about listening in and more about contributing. Discord servers cater to various interests, from video game franchises to restaurant chains, inviting fans and community members to bring their thoughts and opinions to the platform. This creates a sense of belonging and community within these virtual spaces.

Bringing Spontaneity to Photo Sharing with Dispo

Dispo is a platform that is revolutionizing photo sharing by bringing spontaneity and serendipity back into the mix. The timed release of photos every day builds a network of curious users who are eager to see what their friends and connections are up to. Unlike heavily curated and edited photos on other platforms, Dispo allows users to see exactly what's happening in people's lives without all the filters and staged moments. It brings a refreshing authenticity to the world of social media.

Remote Together with Parsec and Cappuccino

While open spaces and spontaneity are important, there are also platforms that focus on fostering closer relationships and connections. Parsec, for example, enables remote access to computers in a network, allowing people to work and collaborate together even when physically apart. This is especially valuable in today's remote work era, where virtual collaboration is essential.

On the other hand, Cappuccino takes a more personal approach. It allows users to leave brief messages for their loved ones, which they hear the next morning at 9 am. These messages are not your typical emails or quick texts; they are snippets of a loved one's thoughts and feelings. It provides a sneak peek into the brain of your closest friends or family members as they type, creating a deeper sense of connection.

Designing for Immediacy and New Places to Hang Out Online

As we continue to see new apps and platforms emerge, it's clear that the key to success lies in designing for immediacy and giving people new places to hang out online. The success of these platforms is rooted in the fact that they tap into our innate curiosity to discover new things while also providing a sense of familiarity and understanding.

When creating a new online space or platform, it's essential to ask yourself, "Why now?" What has changed in the market or ecosystem that uniquely enables this opportunity today? The biggest technology giants today have always taken advantage of key enablers, whether it's a technological advancement or a social and cultural shift in consumer behavior. By understanding these shifts and marrying the old with the new, we can create moments of meaning that resonate with users.

In conclusion, the Spontaneous Internet is ushering in a new era of online spaces that prioritize serendipity, friendliness, and raw experiences. Whether it's through open spaces like Clubhouse and Discord, spontaneous photo sharing on Dispo, or fostering closer relationships with Parsec and Cappuccino, these platforms are reshaping how we interact and hang out online. To thrive in this new landscape, it's important to design for immediacy, tap into people's curiosity, and give them new places to explore and connect.

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