The Personalization Wave, Non-Scalable Experiences, and Mental Immunity: Shaping the Future


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Sep 15, 2023

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The Personalization Wave, Non-Scalable Experiences, and Mental Immunity: Shaping the Future


In a world driven by technological advancements, the concept of personalization has taken center stage. The Personalization Wave has brought about a surge of non-scalable, human-intensive experiences that cater to individuals' unique preferences. Alongside this wave, the value of human creativity is on the rise in the age of AI. However, amidst the abundance of information and experiences, developing mental immunity is crucial to protect ourselves from bad ideas and misinformation. This article explores the interconnectedness of these concepts and provides actionable advice for navigating this evolving landscape.

Personalization and the Future:

The future holds a bold vision where every digital experience is personalized to individual preferences. This entails brands knowing the information we want them to know about us, always under our control. This personalized approach, facilitated by AI, will optimize our interests and privacy. Personalized "agents" will become the dominant interface for decision-making, surpassing the limitations of traditional favorites. The benefits of personalization will compound over time, potentially leading to fine-tuned models for individual customers.

The Value of Human Creativity in the Age of AI:

As AI advances, some speculate that it may replace human creativity. However, the value of human creativity is set to increase. In a world saturated with choices, humans crave scarcity and preciousness. The rise of the experience economy will drive the demand for highly crafted, non-scalable experiences. AI can unleash human creativity by providing more time for ingenuity. The most effective creativity will continue to be the one that moves us emotionally, emphasizing the importance of developing uniquely human skill sets.

Non-Portable Data as the Ultimate Moat:

In this evolving landscape, non-portable data becomes a significant advantage. Unique datasets or proprietary understandings can yield superior performance for training models. As people become aware of how easily their public work can be co-opted by AI models, a retrenchment into more private data is predicted. Tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook may be positioned to leverage this advantage. The future may see individuals having personal LLMs (Language Model Models) trained on their data, further enhancing personalization.

The Rise of Non-Scalable Experiences:

Mass automation and AI may spur the growth and demand for human-intensive, highly crafted unscalable experiences. Humans instinctually crave rarity and uniqueness, seeking highly crafted versions of basic and luxury needs. The value of these experiences goes up, as AI cannot disrupt or replicate the human touch. Amidst the abundance of choices, individuals will be willing to pay for experiences that offer story, value, and process. The impact of creativity will remain a factor of ingenuity and time, with AI providing more time for human creativity.

Developing Mental Immunity:

In the age of misinformation and fake news, developing mental immunity becomes essential. A healthy mental immune system enables individuals to detect misinformation and bad ideas. It allows for prompt recognition and rejection of unreliable information, leading to better decision-making. Cognitive flexibility plays a vital role in changing our minds when presented with new, better-evidenced information. Developing meta-beliefs, beliefs formed through cognitive interrogation, strengthens mental immunity. Diversifying information sources and digging deeper into research help identify and counteract misinformation.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace Personalization: Take control of personalization by providing brands with the information you want them to know. Explore personalized experiences and allow AI to optimize your interests and privacy.
  • 2. Cultivate Creativity: Nurture your creativity and develop unique skill sets that AI cannot replicate. Focus on creating experiences that move people emotionally, emphasizing the value of human touch.
  • 3. Strengthen Mental Immunity: Train your cognitive immune system to detect misinformation and bad ideas. Question information, diversify sources, and develop meta-beliefs based on thorough reasoning and evidence.


The Personalization Wave and the rise of non-scalable, human-intensive experiences are transforming the future. Simultaneously, the value of human creativity is on the rise in the age of AI. However, developing mental immunity is crucial to navigate this evolving landscape. By embracing personalization, cultivating creativity, and strengthening mental immunity, individuals can thrive in an era driven by technological advancements while safeguarding themselves from misinformation and bad ideas.

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