The Personalization Wave, Non-Scalable Experiences, and the Future of News


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Sep 16, 2023

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The Personalization Wave, Non-Scalable Experiences, and the Future of News


In a world dominated by AI and automation, the value of personalization and non-scalable human-intensive experiences is on the rise. As people seek rare and highly crafted versions of their basic and luxury needs, the demand for personalized experiences is increasing. At the same time, the news industry is undergoing a transformation, with subscriptions becoming a viable revenue model. This article explores the potential of personalization, the value of human creativity in the age of AI, and the future of news.

The Power of Personalization:

Imagine a future where every digital experience is tailored to your preferences. Brands would have a real-time agreement or negotiation with you to personalize your experience while respecting your privacy. Personalized "agents" would cater to your needs and become the dominant interface for decision-making. The benefits of personalization compound over time, and the limitations of relying on "favorites" become apparent. AI has reached a point where it knows our taste better than we do, making its recommendations more pleasing than our own favorites.

Non-Scalable, Human-Intensive Experiences:

In a world driven by AI and automation, the value of non-scalable, human-intensive experiences is on the rise. These experiences cannot be replicated or disrupted by AI but can be unleashed by it. As abundance becomes the norm, people will crave scarcity and preciousness. They will seek out highly crafted versions of their basic and luxury needs and be willing to pay a premium for them. The value of human creativity will increase as AI provides creative individuals with more time to focus on ingenuity.

The Future of News:

The news industry is undergoing a fundamental shift. Advertising-based revenue models are becoming unsustainable, pushing publishers to explore alternative sources of income. Subscription-based content is emerging as a viable solution, enabling publishers to profit directly from their readers. By targeting and curating content, publishers can reduce noise and create a more valuable experience for their subscribers. The aggregate market value of subscription-based content has the potential to surpass the value of the traditional news industry.

Embracing Niche and Independent Publishing:

The future of news lies in niche and independent publishing. Subscriptions do not require publications to have the scale and breadth of traditional news outlets. By focusing on a specific audience and making their content scarce and worth paying for, publishers can build strong, enduring businesses. Simplifying the process of starting a publication that generates revenue from subscriptions will empower independent publishers to do their best work. Data ownership and privacy will be crucial, with publishers retaining control over their data and avoiding the placement of ads next to their products.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace personalization: As a consumer, actively seek out personalized experiences and support brands that prioritize your preferences and privacy. As a business, invest in fine-tuning your models to deliver personalized experiences to individual customers.
  • 2. Foster human creativity: In the age of AI, focus on developing skills that leverage human creativity and ingenuity. Find ways to add value that AI cannot replicate. As an executive, prioritize customer impact and ingenuity over productivity.
  • 3. Support independent publishers: Explore subscription-based content and consider subscribing to niche publications that align with your interests. Encourage independent publishers by valuing their content and paying for it.


The future holds great potential for personalization, non-scalable human-intensive experiences, and the news industry. As AI continues to advance, personalization will become the norm, and the value of human creativity will rise. The news industry will shift towards subscription-based models, allowing publishers to generate revenue directly from their readers. By embracing these trends and supporting independent publishers, we can shape a better future for personalized experiences and quality journalism.

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