The Power of Paying Attention in Crafting the First Mile of Product


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Jul 24, 2023

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The Power of Paying Attention in Crafting the First Mile of Product


In today's fast-paced world, attention is a valuable currency. Whether it's in scientific research or product design, the ability to pay attention, filter out the noise, and focus on what truly matters is crucial. This article explores the importance of paying attention and crafting the first mile of a product. By combining insights from Einstein's scientific talent and Scott Belsky's thoughts on product design, we can discover actionable advice for creating successful products that capture users' attention and deliver immediate value.

The Value of Selectivity:

Einstein's ability to filter through an enormous amount of experiments and journal articles to find the correct and important ones is a testament to the power of selectivity. In today's information-rich world, we have access to an overwhelming amount of content. However, we must adopt a wide funnel and tight filter approach. Be willing to explore anything that piques your interest but abandon it quickly if it doesn't resonate with you. This mindset allows us to focus on permanent things rather than getting caught up in temporary distractions.

Remembering the Essentials:

When it comes to books or any form of content, people tend to remember sentences and stories rather than the entire work. While a book may have a profound impact on our lives, it's the key takeaways that stay with us. This realization emphasizes the importance of distilling information down to its core essence. When crafting a product, focus on delivering concise and impactful value that users can easily remember and benefit from.

The Power of Objectivity:

Munger's insight about Darwin's extreme objectivity teaches us a valuable lesson. By actively seeking to disconfirm our ideas, we open our minds to new possibilities and avoid getting stuck in our own biases. This approach is especially important when designing products that cater to a diverse user base. By constantly questioning our assumptions and being open to viewpoints we disagree with, we can create products that appeal to a wider audience and foster inclusivity.

Understanding User Psychology:

Scott Belsky's thoughts on the first mile of product design shed light on the importance of catering to users' psychological needs. In the first 15 seconds of interacting with a product, users are lazy, vain, and selfish. They want immediate benefits and a quick way to look good. Understanding these psychological factors allows us to design products that capture users' attention and provide instant gratification.

Simplicity and Familiarity:

When introducing a new product, explaining its complexities can be a roadblock to user engagement. Instead, focus on providing immediate novelty or utility. Users want a seamless experience without having to make complex choices. By using familiar terms and avoiding unnecessary complexity, we can create products that are intuitive and easy to adopt. Remember, simplicity is key, especially in the first mile of a user's experience.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Allocate at least 30% of your energy to the first mile of your product. This initial interaction with users is crucial for attracting and retaining new users, driving growth for your product.
  • 2. Continuously engage with new users. While power users are important, neglecting the acquisition of new users can hinder the long-term success of your product. Focus on maintaining simplicity and capturing the attention of new users.
  • 3. Embrace objectivity and seek viewpoints that challenge your own. By actively listening to and respecting the views of others, you can create products that cater to a diverse audience and foster inclusivity.


Paying attention and crafting the first mile of a product are interconnected concepts that require selectivity, simplicity, and a deep understanding of user psychology. By adopting an objective mindset, distilling information to its core essence, and focusing on delivering immediate value, we can create products that capture users' attention and drive long-term success. Remember, the first mile sets the tone for the entire user experience, so invest time and effort into making it exceptional.

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