The Power of Sticky Products and Effective Note-Taking for Knowledge Accumulation


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Aug 10, 2023

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The Power of Sticky Products and Effective Note-Taking for Knowledge Accumulation


In today's digital age, creating a sticky product is the key to success for many companies. Facebook and Evernote are prime examples of products that have mastered the art of stickiness. Sticky products not only engage users but also make it difficult for them to leave. By leveraging accruing benefits and mounting loss, these products become indispensable parts of our lives. Similarly, effective note-taking is crucial for knowledge accumulation, but it is the actual work of using and engaging with those notes that truly enhances our understanding and sparks curiosity. In this article, we will explore the concepts of sticky products and note-taking techniques to unlock the full potential of our learning and product development journeys.

Sticky Products and Accruing Benefits:

Sticky products, like Facebook and Evernote, excel at providing accruing benefits to users. Accruing benefits refer to the idea that the more a user engages with the product, the better it gets. This positive feedback loop keeps users invested and continuously coming back for more. Leveraging both explicit and implicit user actions is the key to creating strong accruing benefits. When a user feels that their experience is improving with each interaction, they become more likely to stick around.

Mounting Loss and Dependency:

As a product becomes an integral part of a user's life, it creates a sense of mounting loss. Users feel that they have a lot to lose if they were to leave the product. This can be due to a sense of dependency, identification with the product, or the investment they have made in building a following or community. When a user feels that leaving the product would result in a significant loss, they are more likely to remain loyal and engaged.

The Actual Work of Note-Taking:

While note-taking is crucial for building knowledge, its true value lies in how we use and engage with our notes. The actual work happens when we start playing and tinkering with our notes, actively thinking about the connections and insights they hold. By actively engaging with our notes, we strengthen our understanding, uncover gaps in our knowledge, and spark new curiosities and questions.

Finding Balance Between Knowledge and Experience:

To maximize the benefits of note-taking, it is essential to strike a balance between building knowledge and gaining experience. Taking notes alone is not enough; we must actively use and experiment with our notes to truly enhance our learning. Bottom-up note-taking involves continuously taking notes and connecting them until clusters of related information emerge. This method allows for organic knowledge growth and discovery. On the other hand, top-down note-taking starts with a specific topic or idea and expands from there, allowing for focused exploration and deep dives into specific areas of interest.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace the power of accruing benefits: When developing a product or service, consider how you can create a positive feedback loop for users. Focus on delivering an experience that gets better the more users engage with it. This will keep them coming back for more and increase their loyalty.
  • 2. Actively engage with your notes: Don't just take notes passively; actively play and experiment with them. Look for connections, challenge your understanding, and explore new questions. By engaging with your notes, you will deepen your knowledge and uncover new insights.
  • 3. Find a balance between knowledge and experience: Remember that note-taking is just one part of the learning process. Make sure to use and apply your notes in practical ways. Experiment, practice, and play with the information you have gathered. This balance between knowledge accumulation and experiential learning will lead to more meaningful and effective learning outcomes.


Creating sticky products and effective note-taking are both powerful tools for enhancing engagement and knowledge accumulation. By understanding the principles behind sticky products like Facebook and Evernote, we can apply similar strategies to our own product development endeavors. Similarly, by actively engaging with our notes and finding a balance between knowledge and experience, we can unlock the full potential of our learning journeys. So, let's strive to create sticky products that keep users coming back and embrace active note-taking techniques to deepen our understanding and curiosity.

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