Building Your Digital Legacy: Connecting the Dots


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Sep 03, 2023

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Building Your Digital Legacy: Connecting the Dots

In today's fast-paced digital world, leaving a lasting legacy is a noble pursuit that many strive for. But what exactly does it mean to leave a legacy? Is it about leaving behind a successful business or a hefty amount of money? While these things can certainly be valuable, they are not the greatest legacies. The true essence of a legacy lies in living a courageous life, one that is not hindered by difficulties or pessimism. It is about betting on the possibilities and hopes of humanity and passing on our knowledge, wisdom, and history to future generations.

This idea is at the heart of Glasp, a platform co-founded by Kazuki Nakayashiki. Glasp aims to democratize access to the learning and experiences of individuals, allowing them to leave, share, and weave their legacy. Nakayashiki acknowledges that the value of what he leaves behind is subjective, but he believes that even something seemingly trivial can be useful to someone in the future. Just as one person's trash can be another person's treasure, a casual question or insight can hold great value for generations to come.

The mission of Glasp is centered around three key components: curation, knowledge management, and community. By making the learning process social, Glasp enhances the experience for individuals, providing them with learning partners who can inspire and support them. The platform also incorporates a social accountability function, where individuals feel the pressure of others seeing their highlights, encouraging them to save and share more valuable content.

Unlike traditional platforms that focus solely on liking or saving links, Glasp places more value on the insights, ideas, emotions, and connections that individuals make with specific passages within content. It aims to create a platform where the next generation can build and access knowledge based on topics and interests, regardless of time. Every decision made at Glasp, including design choices, is guided by whether it aligns with the mission of democratizing access to knowledge.

Nakayashiki is humble about his role in design and welcomes ideas and input from others. This openness to collaboration is reflected in Glasp's social nature, where content writers can connect directly with their audiences, receive feedback, and find inspiration for future posts. This aspect of Glasp adds an interesting dimension to the platform, making it more than just a tool for knowledge sharing.

Looking ahead, Nakayashiki envisions Glasp becoming a social profile that showcases an individual's learning footprint and a next-generation search engine that allows users to search through the digital legacies of people they trust or follow. The ultimate goal is to help individuals find meaning and value in their lives through Glasp.

With this vision in mind, here are three actionable pieces of advice for individuals looking to build their digital legacy:

  • 1. Embrace the power of sharing: Don't underestimate the value of what you have to offer. Even if you think your knowledge or experiences may not be useful to others, share them anyway. You never know who might find them valuable or how they might inspire someone else.
  • 2. Curate with intention: Take the time to curate your content and highlight the insights, ideas, and emotions that resonate with you. By focusing on quality over quantity, you can create a more meaningful and valuable digital legacy.
  • 3. Engage with your audience: Use platforms like Glasp to connect directly with your audience, seek feedback, and find inspiration. Engaging with others can not only enhance your own learning process but also create a sense of community and support.

In conclusion, building a digital legacy is not just about leaving behind a successful business or wealth. It is about living a courageous life and passing on our knowledge, wisdom, and history to future generations. Glasp, with its mission to democratize access to knowledge, provides a platform for individuals to leave, share, and weave their legacies. By embracing the power of sharing, curating with intention, and engaging with their audience, individuals can build a meaningful and valuable digital legacy through platforms like Glasp.

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