Japan Goes All In: Copyright Doesn't Apply To AI Training - Why community matters so much β€” and how to find yours


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Sep 29, 2023

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Japan Goes All In: Copyright Doesn't Apply To AI Training - Why community matters so much β€” and how to find yours

In a surprising move, Japan's government recently announced that it will not enforce copyrights on data used in AI training. This bold stance allows AI to use any data, regardless of whether it is for non-profit or commercial purposes, whether it is obtained legally or illegally. While not everyone in Japan supports this decision, with concerns raised by anime and graphic art creators about the potential devaluation of their work, the academic and business sectors are pushing for the nation to use its relaxed data laws to propel Japan to global AI dominance.

One key reason behind Japan's decision is the need for access to high-quality training data. Western data is crucial to Japan's AI ambitions, as the availability of more English language resources provides better training for AI models. Japan, despite its long-standing literary tradition, lags behind in terms of Japanese language training data. Therefore, the government's decision to allow AI to use data without copyright restrictions adds an interesting twist to the ongoing debate on AI regulation.

While Japan focuses on AI training and its implications for copyright, another important aspect of human life is the sense of community. Building connections with others and finding a community that supports and uplifts us is crucial for our well-being. However, finding the right community goes beyond simply making friends. According to Gillian Sandstrom, a community is defined by four criteria: membership, influence, integration and fulfillment of needs, and shared emotional connection.

Membership refers to the sense of belonging within a community. It is important to have a diverse range of connections, from close friends and family to acquaintances in various social networks. Relying on a single person to fulfill all our emotional and psychological needs is not advisable. Influence signifies the mutual impact between individuals and the group. Both parties should feel that they make a difference to the community and that the community makes a difference to them.

Integration and fulfillment of needs involve meeting one another's needs within the community. The community should provide support and fulfill the individual's requirements. Finally, shared emotional connection refers to the experiences, history, and time spent together that bind the community members. Friendship, on the other hand, is a dedicated and platonic relationship that focuses on the growth, well-being, and support of each other.

To find a community that aligns with our values, it is important to engage in soul-searching and identify our core beliefs. Starting small is often the best approach, as nurturing communities thrive in small groups. Participating in activities or events that align with our interests is a great way to find like-minded individuals.

Continuing to show up and add value is crucial for building strong connections within a community. Regularly interacting with other members and contributing to the group's growth fosters a sense of familiarity and positive feelings. It is important to put energy into others and not solely rely on them to invest in us. Building a network within a community is not just about making new friends but also creating a support system for personal and professional growth.

In conclusion, Japan's decision to waive copyright restrictions on data used in AI training adds an interesting dimension to the ongoing debate on AI regulation. While concerns exist among creators about the potential devaluation of their work, the academic and business sectors see this as an opportunity for Japan to become a global leader in AI. On the other hand, the importance of community cannot be overlooked. Finding a community that fulfills our needs, shares our values, and supports our growth is vital for our overall well-being. To find such a community, it is important to engage in activities aligned with our interests, show up regularly, and actively contribute to the group's development. By doing so, we can not only foster connections but also build a network that will help us thrive in all aspects of life.

Actionable advice:

  • 1. Engage in activities aligned with your interests to find a community that resonates with you.
  • 2. Show up regularly and contribute actively to foster strong connections within the community.
  • 3. Put energy into others and be willing to both give and receive support, creating a reciprocal network that benefits all members.

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