The Intersection of AI Training and Curation: Shaping Japan's Future


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Aug 15, 2023

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The Intersection of AI Training and Curation: Shaping Japan's Future

In a bold move, Japan's government has recently announced that it will not enforce copyrights on data used in AI training. This policy allows AI to utilize any data, regardless of its source or purpose. While this decision has received mixed reactions within the country, it reflects Japan's determination to propel itself to global AI dominance by leveraging its relaxed data laws. However, concerns have been raised by anime and graphic art creators who fear that AI could devalue their work.

On the other hand, the academic and business sectors are supporting the government's stance, recognizing the potential of using Western data access to enhance Japan's AI ambitions. The availability of high-quality training data is crucial for the development of AI models, and Japan acknowledges that it lags behind in Japanese language resources compared to the abundance of English language resources in the West. By embracing this approach, Japan adds a twist to the ongoing regulation debate surrounding AI.

At the same time, the concept of curation has been gaining prominence in various fields, including art, culture, and branding. The role of a curator is not only to select and showcase cultural artifacts but also to democratize access to art and build exhibitions that resonate with society. Curation is rooted in care and curiosity, and it has evolved to encompass a broader social role known as "civic curation."

Brands have also recognized the power of curation as a strategy to differentiate themselves, gain relevance, build equity, and ensure longevity. When brands transitioned from manufacturing products to manufacturing culture, curation became a vital tool for shaping taste, aesthetics, identity, and social status. Curation offers a unique way to create value and connect old and new elements, giving renewed meaning and purpose to existing assets.

Furthermore, curators act as mediators, bridging different taste communities and introducing them to one another. They connect people, products, and ideas in a way that is simultaneously novel and familiar. In the face of the pressure for constant novelty, brands often struggle to produce entirely new creations. However, by curating existing content, they can breathe new life into old items and contextualize them within a specific time and perspective.

In light of these intersecting trends, there are actionable pieces of advice that can be derived:

  • 1. Embrace a balanced approach: While AI training can benefit from the unrestricted use of data, it is essential to consider the concerns of creators and ensure that their work is appropriately valued. Striking a balance between innovation and respect for intellectual property can foster a healthy and sustainable AI ecosystem.
  • 2. Invest in diverse training data: To achieve global AI dominance, it is crucial for Japan and other countries to broaden their access to diverse training data. Collaborations and partnerships with Western counterparts can help bridge the gap between language resources and enhance the quality of AI models.
  • 3. Embrace the role of curation: Brands can harness the power of curation to create unique experiences and establish themselves as cultural leaders. By curating existing content and connecting different taste communities, brands can foster a sense of exclusivity, authenticity, and renewed relevance.

In conclusion, Japan's decision to disregard copyrights in AI training reflects its determination to excel in the global AI race. While concerns exist, the potential benefits of leveraging Western data access and adopting a curator mindset cannot be understated. By finding common ground between the worlds of AI training and curation, Japan has the opportunity to shape its future as a leader in innovation and cultural influence.

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