"The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem, Crypto Cap Tables, and Maximizing Long-Term Rewards"


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Sep 15, 2023

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"The Multi-Armed Bandit Problem, Crypto Cap Tables, and Maximizing Long-Term Rewards"


The multi-armed bandit problem is a classic dilemma that highlights the trade-off between exploration and exploitation. It is often used to understand the best strategy for maximizing long-term rewards in situations where there is uncertainty. On the other hand, the concept of cap tables in the crypto industry adds an interesting twist to traditional equity cap tables. In this article, we will explore the connections between these two topics and discuss actionable advice for optimizing outcomes.

Exploration vs Exploitation:

In the multi-armed bandit problem, imagine being in a casino with multiple slot machines, each with an unknown probability of providing a reward. The challenge is to determine the best strategy to achieve the highest long-term rewards. Exploration is crucial because information is valuable. Without exploration, we may miss out on opportunities to discover machines with higher probabilities of winning. However, exploitation is also necessary to maximize immediate returns.

Connecting the Concepts:

The exploration strategies in the multi-armed bandit problem can be related to the different elements found in crypto cap tables. Just as we have the option to explore different machines, crypto companies have the flexibility to allocate tokens in various ways. The community allocation, which dominates the token cap table, incentivizes network participants to contribute and jumpstart network effects. This can be seen as a form of exploration, as it encourages individuals to engage with the network and provide valuable insights.

Additionally, the presence of the treasury in crypto cap tables introduces a new element not found in traditional equity cap tables. The treasury captures tokens from the foundation's efforts, such as running validators or stakers. This can be compared to exploring and being picky about which options to explore in the multi-armed bandit problem. Actions with higher uncertainty, represented by the treasury allocation, have the potential to provide higher information gain.

Maximizing Long-Term Rewards:

To maximize long-term rewards in both scenarios, it is essential to strike a balance between exploration and exploitation. Here are three actionable pieces of advice:

  • 1. Embrace a combination of exploration and exploitation: Just as in the multi-armed bandit problem, where a strategy that incorporates both exploration and exploitation tends to perform well, crypto companies should adopt a similar approach. Allocate tokens to incentivize community participation while also strategically managing the treasury for long-term growth.
  • 2. Prioritize actions with higher uncertainty: In the multi-armed bandit problem, actions with higher uncertainty are favored for exploration. Similarly, in the crypto industry, consider allocating tokens from the treasury to initiatives that have the potential to provide valuable insights and drive network effects. This can help discover untapped opportunities and maximize long-term rewards.
  • 3. Continuously analyze and adapt: Both the multi-armed bandit problem and crypto cap tables require ongoing analysis and adaptation. Regularly evaluate the performance of different strategies and adjust allocations accordingly. By staying proactive and responsive to changing dynamics, you can optimize outcomes and ensure long-term success.


The multi-armed bandit problem and the concept of crypto cap tables offer valuable insights into the exploration vs exploitation dilemma and the complexities of token allocation. By understanding the connections between these topics and implementing the actionable advice provided, individuals and crypto companies can navigate uncertainty and maximize long-term rewards. Remember to strike a balance between exploration and exploitation, prioritize actions with higher uncertainty, and continuously analyze and adapt your strategies.

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