What I Learned About People that Scale: Reinventing Core Beliefs, Picking Role Models, Being Authentic, and Listening to Feelings


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Sep 27, 2023

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What I Learned About People that Scale: Reinventing Core Beliefs, Picking Role Models, Being Authentic, and Listening to Feelings

Scaling a startup is no easy task. It requires not only hard work and determination but also a deep understanding of people and how they operate. Through my own experiences and observations, I have learned several key insights about people that can help in the process of scaling.

One of the first things I realized is that failing to scale is not about a lack of will. Everyone I've encountered in the startup world has been giving their all to keep up with the demands of their job. However, experience alone is not enough to ensure success in scaling. It's not about how many times you've done a job before, but rather how many times you've had to change yourself in order to be successful.

This idea of change is essential when it comes to scaling, and it begs the question of why changing is so difficult. The answer lies in our belief systems. When we stop paying close attention to our actions, we default to autopilot mode. To truly change our actions, we must first change the belief system that generates them. This process of reinventing our core beliefs is the silver bullet of scaling. It requires a certain level of grief as we let go of our old selves, but it opens up new possibilities and allows us to grow.

Another key insight I gained is the importance of picking the right role models. Often, when we seek to become better leaders, we are advised to surround ourselves with good leaders and learn from them. This advice may seem frustrating, but it is the safest path to improvement. The hardest parts of a leader's job cannot be learned through reading alone; they must be felt and experienced. It is crucial to learn what to learn from whom and to find role models who align with our values and goals.

In addition to picking the right role models, it is important to be authentic in our leadership. People want to know who we truly are, with all our quirks and passions. By embracing our authentic selves, we can lead in a way that is compatible with who we are. For example, I discovered that writing is a more authentic communication method for me. This led me to start writing weekly emails and essays, which became an integral part of my leadership style.

Authenticity also involves being vulnerable. Sharing our struggles and challenges allows others to connect with us on a deeper level. It is a way of stating the obvious and building trust. Dismissing our intuition is a mistake, as it provides valuable insights and data. Even when faced with difficult decisions, if something feels right, we should not dismiss it simply because we can't explain it logically. Trusting our feelings can often lead us to the right path.

Finally, the biggest leap of faith in scaling is having faith in ourselves. It is common to feel like a failure when things go wrong, but it is important to remember that successful startups are built by people who haven't done the job before. The struggles we face shape us and teach us valuable lessons. Embracing the journey of scaling, cherishing every moment of accomplishment, and having faith in ourselves are essential for success.

To summarize, here are three actionable pieces of advice for scaling:

  • 1. Embrace change and be willing to reinvent your core beliefs. This opens up new possibilities for growth and success.
  • 2. Choose role models who align with your values and goals. Learn what to learn from whom and develop a sense of what great leadership looks like.
  • 3. Be authentic and embrace your unique qualities. Share your struggles and challenges, and trust your intuition.

Scaling a startup is a challenging but rewarding journey. By understanding and applying these insights about people, we can navigate the complexities of scaling with greater success and fulfillment.

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