The Power of Collaboration and Curiosity: Uncovering the Secrets of Success


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Aug 17, 2023

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The Power of Collaboration and Curiosity: Uncovering the Secrets of Success


Success can come in many forms, but there are common threads that connect exceptional achievers. From the dedicated contributors of Wikipedia to self-made billionaires, the desire to make a difference and the thirst for knowledge drive their accomplishments. In this article, we will explore the demographics of Wikipedia contributors, the rise of the expert-generalist, and the importance of curiosity in achieving success. By understanding these concepts and embracing actionable advice, we can unlock our potential and make a lasting impact.

Demographics of Wikipedia Contributors:

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia that has revolutionized the access to information, is fueled by a global community of contributors. According to UNU-Merit, the average age of Wikipedians is 26.14 years, united in their mission to make knowledge available to all. The top three countries with the highest number of contributors are the United States, Germany, and Russia. English is the primary language of these contributors, followed by German, Russian, and Spanish. Interestingly, 87 percent of Wikipedians are men, while only 13 percent are women. This disparity highlights the need for greater gender diversity in the online knowledge-sharing community.

The Rise of the Expert-Generalist:

One self-made billionaire has attributed his exceptional success to being an expert-generalist. Rather than focusing solely on investment theory, he delved into various fields such as microeconomics, psychology, law, mathematics, biology, and engineering. By applying insights from these diverse disciplines to investing, he gained a unique perspective and made better predictions of the future. The expert-generalist possesses the ability and curiosity to master and collect expertise in multiple disciplines, industries, skills, capabilities, countries, and topics. They see the world more accurately, have more breakthrough ideas, and build open networks.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Learn Multiple Models: Avoid falling into the trap of seeing every problem as a nail when you only have a hammer. Expand your knowledge base by learning multiple models from different disciplines. This will help you approach challenges from different angles and make more informed decisions.
  • 2. Focus on Big Ideas from Big Disciplines: Not all models carry equal weight. Identify the 20% of models that create 80% of the results. Prioritize your learning and focus on the big ideas that can have a significant impact.
  • 3. Use Checklists: Develop a checklist that incorporates the right models for each situation. By having a structured approach to problem-solving, you can ensure that you consider all relevant factors and avoid overlooking critical insights.

The Importance of Curiosity:

Curiosity is often overshadowed by the emphasis on focus in the pursuit of success. However, curiosity plays a vital role in uncovering new insights and bridging gaps between silos of knowledge. Albert Einstein, for example, ventured beyond his expertise in physics and taught himself Riemannian geometry to formulate his law of general relativity. In today's world, where knowledge is expanding rapidly and becoming increasingly fragmented, those who can navigate multiple disciplines and connect ideas are invaluable.


Collaboration and curiosity are two essential ingredients for achieving exceptional success. As seen in the demographics of Wikipedia contributors, a diverse community united by a common goal can shape the future of knowledge sharing. The rise of the expert-generalist highlights the power of interdisciplinary learning and the ability to bridge gaps in understanding. By embracing actionable advice such as learning multiple models, focusing on big ideas, and using checklists, we can enhance our problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, nurturing curiosity allows us to explore uncharted territories and make groundbreaking discoveries. Let us embrace collaboration, curiosity, and continuous learning to unlock our full potential and make a lasting impact on the world.

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