Top 10 Brand Ambassador Program Examples To Inspire You: Building Authentic Connections and Empowering Advocates


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Aug 26, 2023

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Top 10 Brand Ambassador Program Examples To Inspire You: Building Authentic Connections and Empowering Advocates


Brand ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting a brand and building relationships with potential customers. These selected advocates, who genuinely know and love a brand, enter into formal agreements to promote the brand to their network and community. The best brand ambassadors prioritize authenticity and relationship-building over making every sale, recognizing that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends more than messages from the brand itself. In return, brand ambassadors receive exclusive brand information, access to a strong community, and real-world experience in marketing for the brand.

1. Red Bull's Student Marketeers:

Red Bull's brand ambassador program, known as Student Marketeers, boasts over 4,000 college-age brand ambassadors. These ambassadors are dedicated to generating awareness and excitement for the product and brand by giving wings to fellow students, athletes, and anyone in need of an energy boost. Through guerilla marketing efforts and online sharing, they effectively share Red Bull on their campuses and regions.

2. Pura Vida's Cash Incentive:

Pura Vida, a company selling hand-crafted bracelets and jewelry, has a brand ambassador program that offers a 10% cash commission on purchases generated by ambassadors. Additionally, when ambassadors meet specific goals, they receive free products and entries into ambassador-only giveaways. Ambassadors also receive a 20% discount code to share with family and friends, encouraging more referrals.

3. PINK's College Life Energy:

PINK, a line of lingerie and apparel from Victoria's Secret, targets a younger demographic of ages 13-22. Their brand ambassadors, known as PINK reps, embody the energy, excitement, and fun of college life. These ambassadors are required to have a network of online and offline connections and a record of campus involvement. Once accepted, they receive brand training and collaborate with campus organizations and local PINK stores to increase brand awareness among their peers.

4. Bumble's Empowered Hives:

Bumble, an online dating app, has expanded its interactions to include meetups and networking. Their brand ambassador programs, Bumble Honeys and Queen Bees, target college-age women leaders and city-based young professional women, respectively. These ambassadors are tasked with spotting trends, generating creative ideas, hosting events, and working with influencers to make a positive impact in their communities and further their careers.

5. Gymshark's Authentic Connections:

Gymshark, a fitness apparel brand, focuses on building authentic connections with customers through their brand ambassadors. These ambassadors, passionate about fitness and relationship-building, engage with customers during in-person events and maintain high social media engagement. Gymshark understands the importance of authenticity and prioritizes genuine customers who love the brand as ambassadors.

6. Sephora's Diverse Squad:

Sephora's brand ambassador program, known as the Squad, recruits beauty lovers, trailblazers, and influencers who share the brand's values of belonging, acceptance, and beauty of all kinds. The Squad represents a diverse range of followers, points of view, and interests, reflecting Sephora's commitment to inclusivity. Sephora selects ambassadors who already have a genuine impact on their communities and a trusted presence in the beauty space.

7. Maker's Mark's Barrel of Recognition:

Maker's Mark, a renowned bourbon brand, incorporates a unique element into their brand ambassador program. Prospective ambassadors need to pass a pop quiz to show their commitment to the brand. If accepted, their names are engraved on a barrel of Maker's Mark. Once the bourbon inside the barrel is aged to perfection, ambassadors are invited to tour the distillery for free and purchase bourbon from the barrel that bears their name.

8. Xbox's Inclusive Community:

Xbox's brand ambassador program focuses on inclusion and community-building among gamers. Xbox ambassadors connect with and assist other gamers, especially those new to the community, to create a fun, welcoming, and safe environment. Ambassadors earn points, which they can use towards digital badges, physical swag, and exclusive sweepstakes entries. These ambassadors serve as moderators and support staff, ensuring the Live community's safety and inclusivity.

9. Paul Mitchell's Salon Connection:

Paul Mitchell, a salon-quality hair care brand, selects brand ambassadors who create regular social media content using the brand's products and guide clients towards the right products for their needs in the salon. These ambassadors play a significant role in recommending and representing the brand to their clients.

10. Lululemon's Trust-Built Ambassadors:

Lululemon, a fitness apparel brand, recruits two types of brand ambassadors: Global Ambassadors and Store Ambassadors. Global Ambassadors are elite athletes and fitness gurus, while Store Ambassadors are partnered with local Lululemon stores. Lululemon values trust and engagement with their audience, prioritizing ambassadors with high engagement rates, including bloggers and micro-influencers.


Building a successful brand ambassador program requires prioritizing authenticity, diversity, and genuine connections with customers. By fostering relationships with brand ambassadors, brands can tap into their networks and communities, effectively reaching a wider audience. To create a successful program, consider incorporating cash incentives, providing exclusive brand information, and offering creative freedom to ambassadors. By building lasting relationships with ambassadors, brands can create a powerful network of advocates who genuinely support and promote their brand.

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