How I Use Roam and Notion for Personal Knowledge Management: You and Your Research


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Sep 18, 2023

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How I Use Roam and Notion for Personal Knowledge Management: You and Your Research

Title: "The Intersection of Personal Knowledge Management and Research: Harnessing Tools for Productivity and Creativity"


After my grandfather passed away, we discovered a treasure trove of information on his computer. However, the lack of organization made it impossible to navigate through the extensive collection of notes. This experience highlighted the importance of personal knowledge management in effectively capturing and cultivating ideas and insights. In this article, we will explore how I use Roam and Notion, two powerful productivity tools, to manage and leverage my personal knowledge. Additionally, we will delve into insights from Richard Hamming's lecture, "You and Your Research," which offer valuable advice for researchers.

Personal Knowledge Management:

Personal Knowledge Management involves the practice of capturing and cultivating ideas encountered in daily life to enhance creativity and produce higher quality work. It encompasses a wide range of information, including book highlights, personal data, meeting notes, inspirational quotes, and personal goals. The goal is to have systems that promote organization, proactivity, and creativity.

Utilizing Roam and Notion:

While I use a light version of the Getting Things Done productivity system by David Allen, I find that Roam is not ideal for this purpose. Instead, I primarily use Roam for capturing and organizing notes and as a thinking and creativity tool. Roam's non-linear structure aligns with the way our brain works, allowing us to jump from idea to idea effortlessly.

In contrast, I leverage Notion for building productivity and project management systems, as well as storing documents and digital data. Notion's versatility allows me to create databases to track ideas, articles, and tasks. I rely on the P.A.R.A. method (Projects, Areas, Resources, Archive) for organizing my files within Notion, ensuring easy access to relevant information.

The Power of Readwise:

To further enhance my personal knowledge management process, I utilize Readwise, a tool that captures highlights from various sources. By integrating Readwise with Roam and Notion, I can engage with my notes through tagging and thoughtful note design. This practice enables me to extract valuable insights and ideas from my reading materials.

Lessons from "You and Your Research":

Richard Hamming's lecture, "You and Your Research," provides valuable insights for researchers seeking to make significant contributions. Hamming emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, knowing one's strengths, weaknesses, and faults. By converting faults into assets, researchers can harness their unique perspectives and abilities. Courage and commitment are also crucial, as they drive individuals to pursue important problems, even in the face of challenges.

Hamming emphasizes the power of cumulative knowledge and the importance of standing on the shoulders of giants. By building on existing research and presenting work clearly, researchers contribute to the collective progress of their field. Additionally, he highlights the need for balance, both in managing oneself and in leveraging the existing system for support.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace non-linear note-taking: Adopt tools like Roam that allow for non-linear organization and effortless idea exploration. Mimicking the brain's natural thought processes can enhance creativity.
  • 2. Integrate Readwise into your knowledge management system: By importing highlights from various sources into Roam or Notion, you can engage with your notes, extract valuable insights, and foster creativity.
  • 3. Balance self-reliance and collaboration: While individual work is essential, collaborate and learn from others to leverage their expertise and broaden your perspective. Balance self-confidence with openness to diverse ideas.


Personal knowledge management plays a significant role in enhancing productivity and creativity. By effectively utilizing tools like Roam and Notion, researchers and individuals can create systems that facilitate organization, proactivity, and idea generation. Richard Hamming's insights further illuminate the importance of self-awareness, commitment, and collaboration in achieving success in research. Embrace these principles, adopt suitable tools, and leverage your personal knowledge effectively to unlock your full potential.

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