"Unlocking the Power of Network Effects with Glasp: A Guide to Highlighting, Note-taking, and Building Connections"


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Sep 29, 2023

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"Unlocking the Power of Network Effects with Glasp: A Guide to Highlighting, Note-taking, and Building Connections"


In a digital age where information is abundant and connections are vital, tools that enhance productivity and foster collaboration are highly sought after. Glasp, a powerful browser extension, not only simplifies the process of highlighting and note-taking but also leverages the network effects to create meaningful connections. This article explores the benefits of Glasp and delves into the concepts of network effects, providing insights on how to utilize them effectively.

Part I: How I Use Glasp to Highlight & Take Notes On the Internet

Before Glasp, my note-taking process involved juggling between multiple browser windows. With Glasp, however, I can seamlessly highlight and take notes within the browser itself. This read-it-now app eliminates the need for saving articles for later and allows me to be present in the moment. Moreover, my highlights and notes are public on my Glasp profile, allowing others to discover what I'm reading and gain insights into my thoughts. By learning and building in public, we can generate better ideas and foster engaging discussions.

Part II: The Power of Network Effects

Network effects, responsible for 70% of all value created in technology since 1994, play a crucial role in the success of products and platforms. Understanding how networks function and the key elements that contribute to their effectiveness is essential for leveraging network effects.

  • 1. Nodes and Links: In a network, nodes represent participants, while links denote the connections between them. Central nodes, with a high number of links, are often more valuable. The strength of a link is determined by durability, closeness, and activity between two nodes.
  • 2. Network Density: The density of a network, determined by the ratio of links to nodes, influences the power of network effects. Higher density networks tend to exhibit more impactful network effects. Designing products to promote higher network density can enhance their effectiveness.
  • 3. Directionality and Clustering: Links in a network can be directed or undirected, depending on the flow of interaction between nodes. Clustering, characterized by the formation of groups within a network, can lead to exponential increases in value. Identifying clusters and focusing on activating users within these groups can amplify network effects.

Part III: Recognizing Network Properties and Building Connections

To harness the power of network effects, it is crucial to understand various network properties and strategies for building and maintaining connections.

  • 1. Real Identity and Trust: Networks tied to nodes' real identities tend to be more effective in building network effects. Trust and reputation facilitate the liquidity of transactions in two-sided marketplaces and platform network effect businesses. Anonymity may be necessary in certain contexts but can lead to the collapse of networks over time.
  • 2. Asymmetry and Heterogeneity: Recognizing asymmetries within marketplaces and prioritizing valuable nodes can enhance network effects. Homogeneous networks consist of nodes with the same function, while heterogeneous networks have multiple classes of nodes categorized by function and utility.
  • 3. Mitigating Negative Network Effects: Negative network effects, such as congestion and pollution, can decrease the value of a network. Founders should focus on building product features that mitigate negative network effects while fostering positive ones. Strategies such as retention, disintermediation prevention, and understanding switching costs can contribute to network sustainability.

Part IV: Leveraging Network Effects for Growth and Defensibility

Network effects can propel a product's growth and create defensibility. Understanding related concepts and implementing effective strategies are key to unlocking the full potential of network effects.

  • 1. Geometric Growth and Virality: Network effect businesses often experience geometric growth, either through virality or by buying traffic. Viral effects can amplify network growth, but not all products with network effects are necessarily viral.
  • 2. Platform Business Model: Platform companies focus on cultivating external networks and facilitating connections rather than direct production. This model leverages network effects to scale and create value.
  • 3. Branding and Embedding: Building a strong brand identity and embedding products into customer operations can create psychological switching costs and increase customer loyalty. This enhances network effects and contributes to long-term success.


Glasp revolutionizes the way we highlight and take notes, while also harnessing the power of network effects. By understanding the intricacies of networks and implementing effective strategies, creators and businesses can unlock exponential growth and sustainable success. Here are three actionable pieces of advice to leverage network effects effectively:

  • 1. Foster engagement and collaboration by sharing your highlights and notes publicly.
  • 2. Focus on building connections within clusters to amplify network effects.
  • 3. Prioritize real identity and trust-building to enhance network effectiveness in two-sided marketplaces and platform businesses.

With Glasp and a deep understanding of network effects, you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence and unlock endless possibilities.

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