The Power of Asking: Achieving Goals and Building Success


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Aug 10, 2023

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The Power of Asking: Achieving Goals and Building Success


In life, we often find ourselves longing for certain opportunities or outcomes. However, if we don't communicate our desires to others, how can we expect them to help us achieve them? This simple concept of "tell people what you want" holds a great deal of truth. By being open about our goals and actively seeking support, we create opportunities for others to contribute to our success. In this article, we will explore the importance of expressing our wants and needs, the benefits of seeking feedback, and how to effectively ask for help.

The Value of Communication:

It is essential to understand that no one can read our minds. We cannot expect our mentors or sponsors to always have us at the forefront of their thoughts. Even if something seems obvious to us, it may not be so for others. Therefore, it becomes crucial to reach out and clearly articulate our desires. By doing so, we give others the chance to help us and make our goals known.

The Power of Specificity:

Merely expressing a vague desire for opportunities may not yield the desired results. Instead, we should aim to be specific about what we want. By defining our goals and inviting help in a precise manner, we make it easier for others to provide assistance. This specificity also demonstrates our commitment and seriousness towards achieving our objectives. Remember, the clearer our ask, the more likely we are to receive what we want.

Embracing Feedback:

One of the benefits of telling people what we want is the opportunity to receive valuable feedback. By soliciting others' opinions on how to grow or improve, we show our willingness to learn and adapt. Seeking feedback helps us gain different perspectives, refine our goals, and identify potential obstacles. Moreover, it fosters a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, ultimately leading to greater success.

Taking the Leap:

Putting ourselves out there and expressing our desires can be intimidating. There is always the risk of receiving answers we may not want to hear. However, it is worth remembering the age-old saying, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." By taking this risk, we open ourselves up to new possibilities and increase the chances of having our requests met. The potential rewards far outweigh the temporary discomfort of rejection or disappointment.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Be Clear and Specific: When asking for help or expressing your desires, be as specific as possible. Clearly define what you want, why you want it, and why now is the right time. This helps others understand your objectives and increases the likelihood of their support.
  • 2. Seek Feedback: Embrace feedback and actively solicit others' opinions. By inviting different perspectives and insights, you can refine your goals and identify areas for improvement. Remember, feedback is a valuable tool for growth and success.
  • 3. Be Open and Approachable: Create an environment where others feel comfortable approaching you with opportunities or assistance. Signal your openness to new ideas and collaborations. By being receptive and approachable, you increase the chances of people offering their support.


In conclusion, the power of asking cannot be underestimated. By telling people what we want, we open up a world of opportunities. It is essential to remember that no one can read our minds, and we must actively communicate our desires. By being specific, embracing feedback, and taking the leap, we increase our chances of achieving our goals and building success. So, let us embrace the power of asking and watch as our dreams turn into reality.

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