The Power of Strategy and Continuous Learning for Success


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Sep 01, 2023

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The Power of Strategy and Continuous Learning for Success


In the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship and personal growth, two key factors stand out as crucial for achieving long-term success: strategy and continuous learning. Justin Kan, a renowned expert in the field, emphasizes the importance of having a solid product and building in private. On the other hand, leaders who have achieved great success attribute 70% of their growth to experience, 20% to learning from others, and 10% to formal education. By understanding the benefits of strategy and embracing a learning mindset, individuals can position themselves for sustainable growth and success.

The Benefits of Strategy and Building in Private:

Justin Kan's statement resonates with experienced founders who have learned the value of privacy and product development. While first-time founders often obsess over their product, second-time founders prioritize distribution. This shift in focus highlights the importance of strategy in scaling a business. By building in private, entrepreneurs can fine-tune their product, gather valuable feedback, and avoid unnecessary distractions. This approach allows them to establish a strong foundation before entering the public eye. The benefits of building in private also extend to personal well-being, as it prevents individuals from becoming trapped by their own success.

Discoverability and Social Features on Community Sites:

When it comes to sharing insights and building an audience, a choice arises between blogging on personal websites, community sites like Medium or, or microblogging on social media platforms like Twitter. Each platform offers its own set of advantages. Community sites provide improved discoverability and social features, allowing bloggers to reach a wider audience and engage in meaningful conversations. Starting out on a community site can help individuals establish themselves and build credibility within their respective industries.

Transitioning to Personal Websites for Ownership and Email List Building:

Once individuals have established their presence and built an audience on community sites, it becomes advantageous to shift towards personal websites. This transition allows for greater ownership of content and facilitates the building of an email list. By owning their platform, individuals can control the distribution of their content and maintain direct contact with their audience. The combination of both community sites and personal websites strikes a balance between discoverability and ownership, maximizing the benefits of both approaches.

Regulation and Drawing Clear Lines for Sustainable Growth:

As entrepreneurs and industry leaders, it is essential to regulate and establish clear boundaries within our respective fields. By setting industry standards and complying with the letter of the law, established businesses make it harder for newer startups to replicate their success. This not only protects their market share but also ensures that all stakeholders are considered. Clear regulations allow for a level playing field, promoting healthy competition and preventing unethical practices. Drawing clear lines benefits the entire industry and fosters sustainable growth.

The Learning Mindset for Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness:

In order to keep growing and learning, adopting a learning mindset is crucial. Leaders who have achieved great success attribute 70% of their growth to experience, 20% to learning from others, and 10% to formal education. The pain of the present and the fantasies of the future serve as motivators for personal growth. Setting learning goals that focus on improvement rather than being the best allows individuals to stay in a learning mindset. Seeking feedback from others is integral to the growth process. Research shows that asking for feedback not only demonstrates effectiveness but also fosters a perception of care and openness. Approaching experiences with a learning mindset, conducting experiments, and actively seeking feedback are essential for continuous growth.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace a strategy-first approach: Prioritize product development and building in private before seeking widespread distribution. This allows for a solid foundation and avoids potential distractions.
  • 2. Start blogging on community sites: Leverage the discoverability and social features of platforms like Medium or to establish yourself and build an audience within your industry.
  • 3. Transition to a personal website: Once established, shift towards owning your platform and building an email list for greater control and direct contact with your audience.


In the pursuit of success, a combination of strategic thinking and continuous learning is essential. By understanding the benefits of building in private, leveraging community sites, transitioning to personal websites, and adopting a learning mindset, individuals can position themselves for sustainable growth and achieve their goals. Embracing strategy, continuous learning, and seeking feedback are the keys to unlocking personal and professional success in today's rapidly changing landscape.

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