"The Power of Friendship and Generative AI: Changing Minds and Creating a New World"


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Jul 31, 2023

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"The Power of Friendship and Generative AI: Changing Minds and Creating a New World"

In a world where facts often fail to change our minds, the Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker offers an interesting insight. He suggests that our beliefs are not solely based on truth and accuracy, but rather on the desire to belong and gain social approval. Humans are herd animals, and throughout our evolutionary history, being cast out from the tribe was a death sentence. This inclination to seek acceptance from our peers often leads us to prioritize our relationships over facts.

Convincing someone to change their mind is not just about presenting them with facts; it's about convincing them to change their tribe. People fear losing social ties if they abandon their beliefs, so it's crucial to provide them with an alternative community where they can belong. Friendship becomes a powerful tool in changing minds because it offers a safe space for individuals to explore new ideas without the fear of judgment or isolation.

Interestingly, the power of friendship extends beyond personal interactions. The most frequent learning occurs from those who are nearby. The closer we are to someone, the more likely their beliefs will influence our own thinking. This highlights the importance of creating non-threatening environments for open-mindedness and intellectual growth. Books, for example, allow us to have internal conversations without the risk of external judgment, making them effective vehicles for transforming beliefs.

Silence, on the other hand, is the death of any idea. Ideas need to be shared, repeated, and believed to gain traction. Clear's Law of Recurrence states that the more an idea is repeated, the more people will believe in it, even if it is false. Therefore, it is more productive to champion good ideas and share them rather than wasting time tearing down bad ones. By focusing on sharing and fostering good ideas, we can create a positive impact and shape the beliefs of those around us.

Switching gears, the emergence of generative AI opens up a whole new world of possibilities in creativity and knowledge work. Large language models now have the ability to write, code, draw, and create with incredible results. This technology has the potential to revolutionize industries by making knowledge work and creative work more efficient and productive.

Text generation is currently the most advanced domain in generative AI. However, getting natural language right is challenging, and quality is crucial. On the other hand, images have quickly gained popularity due to their visual appeal and shareability. Generated images are captivating and easily shareable on platforms like Twitter, making them a powerful tool for communication and expression.

Generative AI also has immense potential in areas such as copywriting and vertical-specific writing assistants. Personalized web and email content has become essential in sales, marketing, and customer support. Language models can assist in generating tailored content, saving time and improving efficiency. Additionally, there is an opportunity to develop generative applications for specific industries, from legal contract writing to screenwriting, providing specialized assistance and improving productivity.

The impact of generative AI extends beyond traditional fields. Social media and digital communities offer new avenues for creative expression using generative tools. Platforms like Midjourney are creating social experiences where consumers can create in public, fostering collaboration and innovation. Plugins and applications that utilize generative AI can act as a catalyst for user engagement, driving the improvement of models and attracting more users.

To succeed in the realm of generative AI, teams must establish a virtuous cycle of user engagement, model performance, and user growth. Exceptional user engagement leads to better model performance through prompt improvements, fine-tuning, and user choices as labeled training data. This improved model performance then drives more user growth and engagement, creating a self-reinforcing loop of success.

In conclusion, the power of friendship and generative AI holds immense potential for changing minds and creating a new world. By understanding the importance of social ties in belief formation, we can effectively navigate conversations and foster open-mindedness. Additionally, generative AI opens up endless possibilities in creativity and knowledge work, offering innovative solutions and improving productivity. To harness the full power of these forces, we must prioritize friendship, sharing, and the cultivation of good ideas.

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