The Impact of Apple's Changes on Facebook's Ad Revenue and the Rise of Trusted Guides


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Aug 30, 2023

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The Impact of Apple's Changes on Facebook's Ad Revenue and the Rise of Trusted Guides


In recent times, Apple's changes to its mobile operating system have caused a significant impact on Facebook's advertising revenue. With the implementation of new privacy features, app-makers and advertisers are finding it increasingly difficult to track user behavior, resulting in a projected loss of $10 billion in revenue for Facebook this year alone. This article aims to explore the implications of these changes and the emergence of trusted guides as a solution for users seeking reliable information in the era of information overload.

The Apple-Facebook Ad Crisis:

In June 2020, Apple announced changes to its mobile operating system that allowed iPhone users to opt-out of being tracked by app-makers. This move significantly disrupted the advertising infrastructure, which heavily relies on user behavior tracking. Previously, users would see targeted ads based on their previous internet activities, but with the new changes, advertisers must now spend more money to reach iPhone users effectively. This shift has left Facebook advertisers guessing whether their ad campaigns are effective, as they no longer have access to detailed individual user data.

Facebook's Response and the Push for Digital Storefronts:

To adapt to these changes, Facebook has made a renewed push towards selling products directly on their own apps. This includes creating digital storefronts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook Marketplace. By doing so, Facebook aims to provide advertisers with alternative avenues to engage with their target audience directly, bypassing the limitations imposed by Apple's privacy features. This strategy allows Facebook to maintain a level of control over user interactions and offers advertisers an opportunity to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns on a larger group scale.

The Rise of Trusted Guides:

As the advertising landscape undergoes significant changes, users are seeking alternative sources of information. The erosion of trust in brands, celebrities, and institutions has led individuals to turn to trusted guides for news, advice, and relevant updates. Trusted guides are individuals who curate valuable information on specific subjects, sharing their knowledge and discoveries openly and publicly. Unlike collectors or coaches, trusted guides are driven by a genuine interest and passion for their chosen topic. They build their expertise through experience rather than academic study and research.

The Value of Trusted Guides:

What sets trusted guides apart is their independence and credibility. They are not employed by any particular company or organization, allowing them to maintain their unbiased viewpoints. By disclosing their own biases and interests, trusted guides offer a more credible profile than official spokespersons for brands or institutions. Their key value lies in their ability to highlight the most interesting, rare, and unique aspects of a specific subject matter while providing their own independent viewpoint. Users turn to trusted guides because they value the expertise and genuine interest these individuals bring to the table.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Seek out trusted guides: In a world saturated with information, look for individuals who genuinely share their knowledge and expertise without any ulterior motives. These guides can provide valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience and passion for their chosen topic.
  • 2. Embrace critical thinking: With the rise of trusted guides, it's essential to develop critical thinking skills. Analyze different viewpoints and interpretations of an issue to gain a comprehensive understanding and evaluate the best strategies to address it. Challenge assumptions and ask questions to navigate the vast sea of information effectively.
  • 3. Support independent content creators: Trusted guides often operate independently, relying on their own resources and passion to curate valuable content. By supporting these individuals through engagement, sharing their work, or even financial contributions, you can help ensure the continued availability of reliable information in an increasingly complex digital landscape.


The changes implemented by Apple have undoubtedly impacted Facebook's ad revenue, forcing the social media giant to adapt its strategies. Simultaneously, these changes have triggered a shift in user behavior, leading to the rise of trusted guides as reliable sources of information. As users seek out individuals who curate valuable content driven by genuine interest and independence, it becomes crucial to embrace critical thinking and support these guides. By doing so, we can navigate the evolving digital landscape more effectively and make informed decisions based on reliable information.

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