Building and Sharing Knowledge in the Age of Uncertainty and Collective Mind


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Sep 16, 2023

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Building and Sharing Knowledge in the Age of Uncertainty and Collective Mind

Introduction: The Future of Knowledge Building and Sharing with Scrintal

In today's rapidly evolving world, the need for collective knowledge has become more critical than ever before. The concept of collective knowledge refers to the "memory" or "collective mind" of humanity, a shared repository of information and insights. However, achieving this shared mind goes beyond simply accumulating information; it requires an open and transparent process of knowledge creation. This is where Scrintal comes into play - a platform designed to organize, connect, and share knowledge in a visual and accessible way.

The Challenges of Knowledge Building and Sharing

One of the significant challenges in knowledge building is the immense time and effort it demands. Creating knowledge is a time-consuming and exhaustive process that often takes place behind closed doors. Consequently, the steps and insights behind the knowledge creation remain hidden, limiting the potential for collaboration and further development.

Similarly, our traditional methods of sharing knowledge are outdated. We tend to share the end result, but not the journey or the process involved in its creation. This approach hampers the growth and collective learning that can occur when knowledge is openly shared and collaboratively built upon.

Harnessing Uncertainty as a Creative Principle

Uncertainty is often associated with negative emotions, stress, and anxiety. However, it can also be seen as a creative principle. The Greeks believed that everything originated from chaos, and uncertainty can be viewed as a catalyst for innovation and growth.

Our brains instinctively resist uncertainty, seeking security and control. We turn to rigid systems, new routines, and productivity tools in an attempt to regain a sense of control. Yet, these external solutions only provide an illusion of control. They do not address the root cause of uncertainty or foster true growth.

Shifting Focus from Goals to Aims

An alternative approach to uncertainty is shifting our focus from goals to aims. Aims represent a broader and more flexible perspective compared to specific goals. Instead of fixating on ambitious outcomes, we can direct our energy and resources towards small actions that align with our long-term aspirations. By viewing chaos as a window of opportunity, we can reflect on the actions we can take every day, embracing the journey rather than obsessing over the finish line.

Cultivating Self-Efficacy and Embracing Recurring Actions

Self-efficacy, or the belief in our own capacity to act, is crucial for navigating uncertainty in a healthy way. By cultivating self-efficacy, we can move away from the endless to-do list mentality and focus on recurring actions that align with our aims. This shift allows us to tap into our internal resources and adapt to changing circumstances with confidence.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Embrace uncertainty as a creative force: Instead of resisting uncertainty, view it as an opportunity for growth and innovation. Embrace the unknown and explore new possibilities.
  • 2. Shift from goals to aims: Rather than fixating on specific outcomes, focus on the broader aims and aspirations that guide your actions. Identify small steps you can take every day to align with your long-term vision.
  • 3. Cultivate self-efficacy: Develop belief in your own capacity to act and adapt. Recognize that the source of strength and resilience lies within you. Seek to understand what tools and resources serve you best and utilize them repeatedly.


As we navigate the future of knowledge building and sharing, it is crucial to embrace uncertainty, foster collaboration, and shift our focus from goals to aims. Platforms like Scrintal offer the potential to create an open and accessible space for collective knowledge. By incorporating these actionable insights into our approach, we can collectively harness the power of knowledge and shape a brighter future.

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