The Mindset Shift for Effective Product Management and Online Reading


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Sep 04, 2023

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The Mindset Shift for Effective Product Management and Online Reading

Aspiring to become a successful product manager requires more than just technical skills and domain knowledge. It demands a mindset shift - a dedication to constantly thinking about the product and its improvement. The ability to allocate 24 hours of mental energy to the product is what sets exceptional product managers apart.

In an insightful blog post titled "γ€Œζ˜Žζ—₯γ‹γ‚‰γƒ—γƒ­γƒ€γ‚―γƒˆγƒžγƒγƒΌγ‚Έγƒ£γƒΌγ€γ¨θ¨€γ‚γ‚ŒγŸγ‚‰ - クラシル開発ブログ" (Translation: "If You Were Told 'You're a Product Manager Starting Tomorrow' - Clasiru Development Blog"), the author emphasizes the importance of investing one's mindshare in the product. Rather than simply spending time thinking about the product, it is about naturally and effortlessly finding oneself contemplating its various aspects.

This concept of mindshare can also be applied to the realm of online reading. When we engage in online reading, we have the advantage of being able to search for and connect previous highlights in a serendipitous manner. Unlike physical reading with a highlighter, online reading enables us to connect our own learning with that of others through social highlighters.

However, it is important to note that the act of highlighting, despite its popularity, is not always an effective reading strategy. Highlighting can lead to the illusion of competence, where we feel like we know more than we actually do. This occurs when we repeatedly encounter content that is phrased in a particular way and presented on the same part of a page. Our brain quickly becomes familiar with the content, leading us to believe that we have a deep understanding of it.

The problem with highlighting is that it often becomes a mechanical task of sorting content into what is important and what is not. Instead of critically thinking about the text, we end up expending mental energy on determining which details to highlight. This hampers our ability to grasp the bigger picture and gain a deeper understanding.

However, this does not mean that highlighting is entirely ineffective. It all depends on what we choose to highlight and how we utilize that content later. To make the most out of our reading experiences, here are three actionable strategies to engage our brains in deep thinking about the text:

  • 1. Preview the text: Before diving into the reading material, take a moment to preview it. Understand your purpose for reading and set clear objectives. This will help you approach the text with a focused mindset and extract meaningful insights.
  • 2. Annotate: As you read, take brief notes in your own words about the main concepts and key words. Use the margins of the text to jot down your thoughts and reflections. This active engagement with the material will enhance your understanding and retention of the content.
  • 3. Ask and answer questions: Turn headings and subheadings into questions and strive to answer them as you progress through the text. This will encourage critical thinking and help you develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

In addition to these strategies, limit yourself to highlighting only one sentence or phrase per paragraph. Look for the sentence that best expresses the main concept. By doing so, you will focus on the most essential information and avoid the trap of mindlessly highlighting everything.

In conclusion, whether it is the mindset shift required for effective product management or the strategies for optimizing online reading, the common thread lies in the ability to allocate our mental energy purposefully. By dedicating ourselves to deep thinking and active engagement with the content, we can truly unlock our potential as product managers and lifelong learners.

Remember, it's not about simply spending time on a task, but about naturally and effortlessly immersing ourselves in it. So, embrace the mindset shift, apply the actionable strategies, and embark on a journey of continuous growth and improvement.

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