The Neurobiological Miracle of Horse-Human Cooperation and How Notion Grows


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Sep 29, 2023

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The Neurobiological Miracle of Horse-Human Cooperation and How Notion Grows


The way we handle information and work has evolved significantly over the years. From pen and paper to typewriters and filing cabinets, we now have a range of productivity and documentation tools at our disposal. However, many of these tools serve only one function, are unbundled, and lack versatility. Notion, a collaborative tool, has disrupted the market by offering a platform where teams can build knowledge bases, share documents, manage workflows, and more. In this article, we explore the growth of Notion and the unique strategies they've employed. Additionally, we delve into the fascinating world of horse-human cooperation and the neurobiological basis behind it.

The Growth of Notion:

Notion's success can be attributed to its ability to identify a specific problem and use case that resonates with users. By focusing on providing a powerful sandbox for building systems without coding, Notion found a wedge into the market. They also leveraged their community and adopted a product-led growth strategy, which has propelled their rapid growth. Furthermore, Notion's bundling of various use-cases and integration with other tools has allowed them to compete with established players like Google.

Lessons from Notion's Growth:

  • 1. Find a specific problem and use case that is relatable and easy to explain.
  • 2. Embrace versatility and adaptability in your product.
  • 3. Leverage your community and empower them to contribute.

The Neurobiology of Horse-Human Cooperation:

Horses and humans have developed a unique form of communication that involves a neural feedback loop. Through embodied perception and body language, riders and horses share invisible signals that allow for real-time communication. The horse's exceptional touch sensitivity, reliance on body language, and ability to learn quickly contribute to this neural dance. Despite being evolutionary enemies, horses behave towards humans as if inclined to be friends.

Insights into Horse-Human Communication:

  • 1. The horse's touch detection and reliance on body language are crucial for communication.
  • 2. Humans and horses can borrow neural signals from each other, enhancing their perception and vision.
  • 3. Sharing attention and focus is automatic with practice, allowing for a deeper understanding of the environment.
  • 4. Horses may learn to borrow elements of human executive function through neural interaction.


The growth of Notion and the neurobiological miracle of horse-human cooperation offer valuable insights into successful strategies and the potential for interspecies communication. By understanding the importance of finding a specific problem, embracing versatility, and leveraging communities, businesses can achieve remarkable growth. Similarly, the horse-human partnership highlights the power of neural communication and the ability to share perceptual and cognitive abilities.

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