"The Power of Sharing: From Personal Goals to Social Trends"


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Sep 28, 2023

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"The Power of Sharing: From Personal Goals to Social Trends"

In today's digital age, the act of sharing has taken on a whole new meaning. Whether it's sharing our personal goals or the latest trends, there is undeniable power in opening up and letting others in on our journeys. But does sharing our work in public truly hold any value? Some studies suggest that keeping our intentions private can actually increase our likelihood of achieving our goals. The idea is that goal sharing may give us the same psychological satisfaction of accomplishing a goal without actually putting in the necessary work. This is because we often receive premature praise from others, which tricks our minds into feeling accomplished. However, other studies show that sharing our progress can be highly beneficial. For example, sharing our weight loss progress on social media platforms like Twitter can serve as a great source of motivation. By documenting our journey and sharing it with others, we are able to reflect on our progress and plan our next steps. Additionally, sharing our work in public allows us to take a more iterative approach. By putting our ideas out there, we can gather feedback and ensure that what we're working on aligns with the needs we have identified. Great ideas are often the result of a network of information, and by sharing our ideas, we increase the likelihood of connecting the dots between our own thoughts and those of others. Moreover, sharing our work in public provides us with an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. It opens doors to finding mentors, potential collaborators, or even forming partnerships. Working on an idea in isolation can stifle the creative process, but by sharing our work, we invite different perspectives and fresh insights. While it may feel uncomfortable at first, sharing our work in public on a regular basis will become easier over time. It allows us to find the people who truly care about what we do and connect with them. This may involve joining online communities or attending offline meetups. The key is to find our tribe and build relationships with those who share our passion. However, it's crucial to note that sharing our work should never derail us from actually doing the work itself. It's essential to find a balance and incorporate sharing into our workflow in a way that enhances our productivity and creativity. Once we establish the habit of sharing, it will almost feel strange to work in isolation. The act of sharing becomes an integral part of our process, fueling our growth and pushing us to achieve even greater heights.

As we delve deeper into the world of sharing, it's interesting to uncover the various trends and behaviors that have emerged from the rise of smartphone usage. One study highlights the concept of "耳の暇" or "idle ears" - the idea that people are constantly seeking ways to fill their free time with audio content. With the proliferation of podcasts, audiobooks, and music streaming platforms, people are increasingly turning to their ears as a means of entertainment and education. This trend ties in with the idea of "イマ思考" or "living in the moment," where people prioritize the present and are less concerned with long-term planning. The convenience and accessibility of smartphones have facilitated this shift in mindset, allowing individuals to consume content on the go and adapt their plans based on their immediate desires.

Another trend that has gained traction is the concept of "位置コミュニケーション" or "location communication." With the widespread use of location-sharing features on social media platforms, individuals are now able to connect and communicate with others based on their geographical proximity. This trend not only fosters a sense of community but also enables people to discover new places and experiences through the recommendations of others in their vicinity.

In the realm of social media, there has been a diversification in the perception of what is visually appealing. The rise of platforms like Instagram and TikTok has given birth to different aesthetics, namely "ナチュラル映え" (Natural aesthetics) and "TikTok映え" (TikTok aesthetics). While Instagram focuses on curated and stylized visuals, TikTok places more emphasis on the entertainment value of the process itself. This distinction highlights the evolving preferences of users and the importance of adapting to different platforms to effectively convey our message.

One intriguing phenomenon that has emerged from the overload of information on smartphones is "選択疲れ" or "decision fatigue." With an abundance of choices at our fingertips, individuals are increasingly relying on trusted sources and recommendations from a select few, rather than sifting through countless options. This shift in behavior underscores the need for personalized and tailored content that aligns with the tastes and values of users.

In the realm of entertainment consumption, the concept of "時間のコスパ感覚" or "time-value perception" has come into play. Users are becoming more inclined to invest their time in shorter, more digestible content that guarantees a higher level of satisfaction. This shift can be seen in the preference for watching multiple YouTube videos that cater to specific interests rather than dedicating hours to a single movie that may or may not be enjoyable.

Beyond entertainment, smartphones have also played a significant role in shaping consumer behavior. The rise of platforms like Mercari has given birth to what is known as "バラバラ消費" or "fragmented consumption." This refers to the tendency of users to buy and sell items on a more individualized basis, rather than engaging in traditional retail experiences. It reflects a desire for customization and a departure from mass-market trends.

Lastly, the smartphone era has witnessed a significant shift in the relationship between brands and consumers. Users are no longer passive recipients of brand messages but have become active participants in the branding process. By sharing their experiences and opinions on social media, users have the power to shape a brand's reputation and influence its trajectory.

In conclusion, the act of sharing our work in public holds immense value in today's interconnected world. It not only allows us to reflect on our progress and connect with others but also fuels our creativity and opens doors to new opportunities. However, it's crucial to find a balance and ensure that sharing does not overshadow the actual work. To make the most of this practice, here are three actionable pieces of advice:

  • 1. Develop a sharing routine: Incorporate sharing into your workflow by setting aside dedicated time to document and share your progress. This will help you establish a habit and make sharing feel like a natural part of your process.
  • 2. Engage with your audience: Actively seek out and connect with individuals who are interested in your work. Join online communities, attend meetups, and engage in conversations to build relationships and foster collaboration.
  • 3. Adapt to different platforms: Understand the nuances and preferences of different social media platforms to effectively convey your message. Tailor your content to align with the aesthetic and tone of each platform, ensuring that your work resonates with the intended audience.

By embracing the power of sharing and incorporating it into our lives, we can harness the collective wisdom and support of a community while fueling our own growth and creativity. So, let us break free from the confines of isolation and share our work with the world. Together, we can achieve great things.

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