Reimagining the Internet: From Winner Take All to Win and Help Win


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Aug 18, 2023

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Reimagining the Internet: From Winner Take All to Win and Help Win


The internet was once hailed as the great equalizer, promising to democratize wealth and access for all. However, the reality is that today's digital spaces often amplify the inequities of the physical world. The original vision of the internet as a platform for individualism and talent has been overshadowed by winner-takes-all dynamics and the influence of a few dominant voices. In this article, we will explore the renaissance of individualism on the internet, the shift towards creator empowerment, and the potential of Web3 technologies to reshape how value is created and distributed.

The Relationship Between Talent and Taste:

The assumption underlying the winner-takes-all market dynamic is that creators are judged solely based on talent or excellence. However, talent and taste are co-determined. People's preferences are much more dispersed than the expert consensus would suggest. Cultural markets often yield winner-take-all outcomes due to the influence of received expert opinion. This contradicts the internet's promise to allow individuals to express their own taste and define what "talent" means to them.

The Rise of Individualism on the Internet:

We are currently witnessing a renaissance of individualism on the internet. Institutions are being replaced by the rise of the individual, leading to the unbundling of internet communities. To foster the growth of a creator middle class, we need higher resolutions of taste preference and a breakup with discriminatory platform algorithms. The dominant aesthetic should not be dictated by the few but should be defined by each individual's unique perspective.

Empowering Creators:

A shift away from ad-funded models towards creator empowerment is crucial. Ad-funded models often prioritize content that appeals to advertisers, leading to a homogenization of content. New creator-centric business models enable monetization based on the intensity of fandom, rather than the size of the audience. This allows creators to have more control over their content and earn a fair share of the value they create.

The Potential of Web3 Technologies:

Web3 technologies have the potential to unlock infinite remixability and more granular distributions of value. Currently, creators are incentivized to produce frequent, mediocre content rather than focusing on quality. Web3 technologies can reshape how value is created, shared, and distributed on the internet. This technology unlock allows creators to earn more of the value they create and encourages a revival of quality over quantity.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Prioritize app quality and user experience: In order to kickstart your app's growth engine, it is essential to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for your users. A high-quality app will naturally attract more users and increase the likelihood of referrals.
  • 2. Choose a referral scheme: Implement a referral program that offers appealing incentives for users to refer others. Make sure the incentive is something you can afford to give and aligns with your target audience's interests.
  • 3. Design your funnel: Create a well-designed funnel that guides users from their first encounter with your product to becoming active users and eventually referring others. Optimize each step of the funnel to maximize conversions and keep the viral loop alive.


It is time to reimagine the internet as a platform that fosters individualism, empowers creators, and distributes value more equitably. By embracing the original vision of the internet, we can move away from winner-takes-all dynamics and work towards a culture of "win and help win." Through the utilization of Web3 technologies and the implementation of creator-centric business models, we can create an internet that celebrates diversity of talent and taste while providing fair opportunities for all creators. Let us be proud owners of an experiment that honors the ideals of the internet and supports the growth of a more inclusive and empowering digital landscape.

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