The Intersection of Knowledge Management and Product Evaluation: Lessons from NASA and PMF Metrics


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Jul 30, 2023

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The Intersection of Knowledge Management and Product Evaluation: Lessons from NASA and PMF Metrics


In this article, we will explore the connection between knowledge management and product evaluation by combining insights from NASA's knowledge-sharing practices and the use of DAU/MAU metrics in product market fit (PMF) evaluation. While these topics may seem unrelated at first, there are common points that highlight the importance of collaboration, relationships, and learning in both fields.

Knowledge Management at NASA:

NASA's success is largely attributed to the collective knowledge and collaboration of its brilliant workforce. At NASA, knowledge management is viewed as the better application of collective knowledge to individual problems. Instead of focusing solely on content management systems, the emphasis is placed on empowering individuals to share and reflect on their expertise. This approach fosters a culture of learning and enables the organization to leverage its collective intelligence effectively.

Social Media and Enhancing Learning:

Social media platforms have the potential to enhance learning and facilitate collaboration. However, the strength of relationships formed through these platforms plays a crucial role in realizing their benefits. Strong ties built through meaningful connections allow for rapid and trustworthy knowledge sharing, innovation, and quick problem-solving. It is essential to consider how to facilitate different types of relationships, both online and offline, to improve thinking, accelerate results, and enhance business outcomes.

Learning in Public:

Learning in public can be a challenging process, but the rewards outweigh the difficulties. By openly sharing what we know and what we don't know during a project, we create opportunities for others to contribute their specific knowledge and insights. This collaborative approach can save time and resources while fostering a supportive environment for growth and improvement. The feedback received through learning in public leads to continuous refinement and better outcomes.

The Limitations of DAU/MAU Metrics:

DAU/MAU metrics are commonly used to evaluate product market fit (PMF). However, it is important to acknowledge their limitations. DAU/MAU can be a valuable indicator for high-frequency and high-retention products that are supported by advertising. Yet, if your product does not exhibit these characteristics or lacks a natural flow of user engagement, it is necessary to consider alternative metrics for evaluation. PMF assessment should be tailored to the specific nature and goals of the product to ensure accurate insights and decision-making.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Foster a culture of knowledge sharing: Encourage individuals to share their expertise and reflect on their experiences. Create platforms and systems that facilitate collaboration and learning.
  • 2. Build strong relationships: Invest in building meaningful connections, both online and offline. Engage in active networking and seek out opportunities for collaboration and learning from others.
  • 3. Evaluate PMF metrics wisely: While DAU/MAU metrics can be useful, consider the unique characteristics and goals of your product. Explore alternative metrics that align with your product's nature and objectives to gain more accurate insights into its market fit.


The lessons learned from NASA's knowledge management practices and the considerations surrounding the use of DAU/MAU metrics in PMF evaluation highlight the importance of collaboration, relationships, and continuous learning. By empowering individuals to share their knowledge, fostering strong ties, and evaluating metrics wisely, organizations can enhance their knowledge management efforts and ensure accurate product evaluation.

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