"Effective Strategies for Product Managers: Design Principles and Team Structures"

Aviral Vaid

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Dec 01, 2023

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"Effective Strategies for Product Managers: Design Principles and Team Structures"


As a product manager, it is crucial to understand both the visual design principles that enhance user experience and the optimal team structures for machine learning product teams. By incorporating these strategies, product managers can create impactful products that meet user needs and drive business success. In this article, we will explore the key points from two different sources and connect them to provide actionable advice for product managers.

Design Principles for Product Managers:

When developing landing pages or new product features, it is important to establish a clear hierarchy of elements. By prioritizing what's important, product managers can guide users' attention to the most relevant information. Furthermore, using high contrast in presentations or workshops can help highlight key points and engage the audience effectively. To ensure the application of the proximity principle, product managers can color code elements on a page, grouping them based on their functions. This visual organization aids users in navigating the product and completing tasks more efficiently.

Team Structures for Machine Learning Product Teams:

In addition to design principles, product managers must also consider the optimal team structure for machine learning product teams. There are three potential options to consider:

Option 1: Data Science Reports to Engineering:

By aligning data science with engineering, product managers can ensure seamless collaboration between the two disciplines. This approach eliminates the need for a clear delineation between data science and engineering skills, fostering a cohesive team environment.

Option 2: Data Science Reports to Product:

Aligning data science with product prioritizes the needs of the product and its users. This structure ensures that data science projects are driven by product goals and deliverables, leading to better alignment between teams.

Option 3: Data Science Separate from Product and Engineering:

Separating data science from product and engineering can provide visibility to the data science team and make their expertise more accessible to the entire organization. This structure allows data scientists to focus solely on their tasks and potentially foster innovation within the field.

Actionable Advice for Product Managers:

  • 1. Prioritize the hierarchy of elements: When designing new features or pages, determine what is most important and guide users' attention accordingly. This will improve the overall user experience and help users achieve their goals more easily.
  • 2. Utilize high contrast for emphasis: In presentations or workshops, use high contrast to highlight key points and engage your audience effectively. This visual technique will increase the impact of your messaging and make it more memorable.
  • 3. Consider team structure alignment: Evaluate the best team structure for your machine learning product team based on your organization's goals and priorities. Whether it's aligning data science with engineering or product, or separating data science as a distinct entity, choose the structure that fosters collaboration and drives success.


By incorporating effective design principles and optimizing team structures, product managers can create impactful products that meet user needs and drive business success. Prioritizing the hierarchy of elements, utilizing high contrast, and aligning team structures will enhance the overall user experience and foster collaboration within the team. Remember, the key to success lies in understanding the unique requirements of your product and tailoring your approach accordingly.

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