Sidenote: Why Motion Inputs Still Exist | Summary and Q&A

August 28, 2020
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Sidenote: Why Motion Inputs Still Exist


Motion inputs in fighting games have evolved over time to become more lenient, but they still play a crucial role in the strategic gameplay and balance of moves.

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Questions & Answers

Q: Why are motion inputs considered an ancient relic in fighting games?

Motion inputs are often labeled as unnecessary and difficult gatekeeping, but they have been a fundamental aspect of the genre for over 30 years, contributing to the strategic and competitive nature of fighting games.

Q: How many motion inputs do players actually need to learn?

In reality, players only need to master a few basic motion inputs, such as quarter circles and charge motions, which are widely used across characters and games, providing a head start for players to explore different fighting games.

Q: What is the role of motion inputs in determining move usability?

Motion inputs have a game-like element, as they determine the situations in which certain moves can be used. They add a layer of strategy, giving advantages and disadvantages based on the input requirements and recovery times of each move.

Q: Why do some fighting games remove motion inputs?

Some games remove motion inputs to make special moves more accessible to new players or to create a different gameplay experience. However, motion inputs still have their place as a balancing mechanism and a defining characteristic of the fighting game genre.

Q: How does a game like Fantasy Strike change the dynamics of special moves?

Fantasy Strike replaces motion inputs with button presses for special moves, allowing for quicker access to powerful moves. However, unique mechanics, like cooldown or health penalties, are introduced to balance the ease of execution, altering the gameplay dynamics in comparison to traditional fighting games.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Motion inputs in fighting games started as strict and difficult to execute in Street Fighter 1, but became more lenient in Street Fighter 2, leading to the popularity of special moves.

  • Different game franchises introduced various types of motion inputs, from simpler inputs in Mortal Kombat to complex ones like the famous pretzel input in SNK games.

  • While motion inputs can be challenging for new players, they are integral to the strategic gameplay and balancing of moves in fighting games.

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