Analysis: The Simplest Fighting Games | Summary and Q&A

August 5, 2017
Core-A Gaming
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Analysis: The Simplest Fighting Games


Anime fighting games are known for their complexity, but games like Divekick and Fantasy Strike are pushing for accessibility without sacrificing depth.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How does Divekick defy conventions of traditional fighting games?

Divekick challenges the complexity of traditional fighting games, stripping down gameplay to only two buttons and no joysticks, creating a unique and accessible fighting experience.

Q: How does Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite make the game more accessible while maintaining depth?

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite reduces the number of decisions required in character selection while introducing Infinity Stones to maintain depth without the need to learn a third character.

Q: What are the categories of game accessibility?

The three categories of game accessibility are cognitive, motor, and sensory, aimed at assisting people with disabilities.

Q: How does Fantasy Strike achieve accessibility in fighting games?

Fantasy Strike simplifies gameplay by using only three buttons and minimal motion inputs, allowing players to quickly transition from button-mashing to making intentional decisions.

Q: How do motion inputs add depth to fighting games?

Motion inputs, like the Shoryuken motion, add depth to fighting games by requiring players to consider positioning and timing when executing special moves, enhancing strategic gameplay.

Q: How does Fantasy Strike balance simplicity and variety in character attacks?

Fantasy Strike achieves attack variety by combining different button inputs with directional inputs, offering accessible controls while allowing for diverse and strategic gameplay.

Q: Can a game like Fantasy Strike inspire players to explore more complex fighting games?

Yes, Fantasy Strike's accessibility can serve as a gateway for players to understand and appreciate the appeal of 2D fighting games, potentially motivating them to explore more complex titles in the genre.

Q: Why is it important to strike a balance between accessibility and complexity in fighting games?

Balancing accessibility and complexity is crucial in fighting games to ensure that new players can enjoy the game while also maintaining depth and competitiveness for veteran players, creating a diverse and inclusive gaming community.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimax introduces unique gameplay mechanics, showcasing the complexity and creativity of anime fighting games.

  • Divekick offers a simplified and accessible gameplay experience with only two buttons, making it easy to learn and enjoy with others.

  • Fantasy Strike takes accessibility further, allowing players to use only three buttons while still retaining elements of traditional 2D fighters.

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