This NO-CODE Startup Made $3,000,000 Using ( Case Study) | Summary and Q&A

May 21, 2023
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This NO-CODE Startup Made $3,000,000 Using ( Case Study)


Karthik Sridoran, co-founder of Flexible, used no-code tools to create and scale a platform connecting freelancers with flexible job opportunities, generating $3 million in revenue.

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Questions & Answers

Q: How did Karthik's previous career dissatisfaction lead him to become an entrepreneur?

Karthik studied finance and worked in the industry but found himself unsatisfied with his career, prompting him to pursue an MBA and eventually become an entrepreneur. He realized finance wasn't his passion and wanted to explore a different path.

Q: What problem did Karthik identify in the freelancing platform market?

Karthik noticed that freelancing platforms had a bad perception and lacked quality, making it difficult to find skilled individuals. He saw an opportunity to pre-vet freelancers and place them in positions that offered the flexibility they desired.

Q: How did Karthik adapt his approach to building the Flexible platform?

Initially, Karthik focused on connecting freelancers with companies and taking a commission. However, realizing there was a better way to scale, he rebuilt the platform using no-code tools. This allowed him to simplify the process and create a version of Flexible that met market demand.

Q: What were the key lessons in entrepreneurship from Karthik's story?

The first lesson is to focus on delivering customer value instead of solely focusing on the product. Customers are willing to pay for solutions that solve their problems or help them achieve desired outcomes. The second lesson highlights the power of no-code tools, which enable non-technical individuals to accomplish a wide range of tasks and iterate quickly. Lastly, Karthik emphasizes the importance of bootstrapping a startup, regardless of the intention to raise funds or rely solely on revenue.

Q: How did Karthik achieve cost-effectiveness in building his business?

By leveraging no-code tools, Karthik was able to build and scale Flexible cost-effectively. These tools reduced bottlenecks and allowed him to focus on delivering value, generating revenue, and growing the company. Using no-code tools also enabled him to adapt and iterate quickly based on user feedback.

Summary & Key Takeaways

  • Karthik Sridoran, dissatisfied with his finance career, pursued an MBA and chose to become an entrepreneur instead of finding a conventional job.

  • Recognizing the growing demand for flexibility in the job market, Karthik created Flexible, a platform to connect freelancers with flexible job opportunities.

  • Initially leveraging complex code, Karthik rebuilt the platform using no-code tools, such as Google Sheets and, scaling Flexible to a $3 million dollar business.

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