Unleashing the Power of Viral Marketing and Creative Capital


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Sep 18, 2023

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Unleashing the Power of Viral Marketing and Creative Capital


Viral marketing has become a buzzword in the business world, promising exponential growth and increased brand awareness. However, understanding the key variables that drive viral growth and harnessing the potential of curators in the digital ecosystem is crucial for success. In this article, we will explore the lessons learned from viral marketing and the untapped potential of creative capital.

The Viral Cycle Time:

One of the fundamental aspects of viral marketing is the Viral Cycle Time (VCT). This refers to the time it takes for the viral cycle to complete, from the initial customer acquiring the product to successfully converting new customers. Research has shown that a shorter VCT has a dramatic effect on customer growth. Therefore, businesses must focus on reducing the VCT to maximize viral growth.

The Viral Coefficient:

Another critical factor in viral marketing is the Viral Coefficient (VC), which determines the number of new customers each existing customer can successfully convert. To calculate the VC, multiply the number of invitations by the conversion rate. It is essential to note that the VC must be greater than 1 for true viral growth to occur. Businesses should strive to create products or services that are inherently shareable, as the most viral products are those that only work when shared.

Creating Compelling Value Propositions:

To achieve true viral growth, businesses must offer a compelling value proposition that motivates customers to share their product or service. It is crucial to ask yourself if your product's value proposition is compelling enough to encourage customers to share it with others. Additionally, providing an equal incentive to both the existing customer and the friend receiving the invitation can further enhance the likelihood of virality.

The Power of Curators:

In the age of social media, curators have become influential wayfinders for a vast online audience. These curators, often known as influencers or content creators, have a significant impact on their followers' decisions and behaviors. However, many curators do not fully benefit from their content, data, or relationships with their followers due to platform lock-in effects. Platforms own the curators' intellectual property, limiting their financial gains. Finding ways to empower curators and provide them with ownership and control over their work can unlock the potential of creative capital.

Actionable Advice:

  • 1. Optimize Viral Cycle Time: Focus on streamlining your viral cycle by minimizing the time it takes for customers to convert new customers. This can be achieved through strategic marketing tactics, efficient user experiences, and prompt customer support.
  • 2. Foster Shareability: Evaluate your product or service's shareability factor. Explore ways to make it more social, allowing for seamless sharing and collaboration among users. Encourage users to spread the word about your offering by providing incentives for both the sharer and the receiver.
  • 3. Empower Curators: If you are a curator or working with influencers, strive to establish ownership and control over your content, data, and relationships with followers. Seek platforms or partnerships that prioritize your rights and financial gains, enabling you to fully leverage your creative capital.


Viral marketing holds immense potential for businesses seeking exponential growth and brand exposure. By understanding the key variables of viral growth, such as the Viral Cycle Time and the Viral Coefficient, businesses can optimize their strategies for maximum impact. Additionally, recognizing the power of curators and empowering them to capitalize on their creative capital can revolutionize the digital ecosystem. By implementing these actionable advice, businesses can unlock the true potential of viral marketing and creative capital.

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