Maximizing News Reading Experience: Understanding User Behavior and Enhancing Writing Efficiency


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Sep 04, 2023

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Maximizing News Reading Experience: Understanding User Behavior and Enhancing Writing Efficiency


In today's digital age, news consumption has shifted significantly towards mobile devices. However, recent research suggests that people read news differently on phones than they do on desktops. This article aims to explore this phenomenon, shed light on the challenges faced in mobile news reading, and provide actionable advice to improve the overall news reading experience.

Understanding User Behavior in News Consumption:

Studies conducted in our lab indicate that individuals tend to pay better attention to news presented on desktops than on mobile devices. On average, users spend less time on news story content and are less likely to notice links when using tablets and smartphones compared to computers. This finding aligns with the personal observation that reading on desktops is faster and more efficient, facilitating deeper understanding and information retention.

The Impact of Mobile Devices on News Attention:

While mobile devices certainly increase access to news, they do not necessarily enhance attention towards news content. The rush to monetize mobile news delivery may unintentionally decrease its democratic value by exacerbating the costs of information processing on mobile devices. This highlights the need to prioritize desktop platforms when it comes to news consumption and distribution.

Enhancing Writing Efficiency with Safari Extensions:

In the realm of writing, Safari extensions can play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and efficiency. One notable extension is Glasp, a web highlighter tool designed specifically for web articles. Glasp allows users to store highlights for each article and export them in batches. This functionality proves invaluable when it comes to writing articles, as it enables easy integration of collected highlights with other resources while facilitating seamless editing.

Unlocking the Power of Social Annotation:

Glasp goes beyond the traditional highlighter tool by incorporating a social component. When users highlight an article using Glasp, authors can gain insights into how their work is perceived. By reviewing the specific parts of the article that resonate with readers, as well as areas of contention or questioning, writers can gauge the impact of their content and make informed adjustments. Unlike Medium's Highlighter, which is limited to articles on Medium's domain, Glasp can be utilized for all web articles, offering a more comprehensive approach to social annotation.

Actionable Advice for Optimizing News Reading Experience:

  • 1. Prioritize desktop platforms: While mobile devices offer convenience, when it comes to diving deep into news content, desktops provide a superior reading experience. Whenever possible, allocate time to read news articles on a desktop for better comprehension and retention.
  • 2. Leverage web highlighter tools: Incorporate tools like Glasp to streamline the writing process. By collecting and exporting highlights, you can easily integrate relevant information into your articles, saving time and enhancing writing efficiency.
  • 3. Embrace social annotation: Make use of tools that offer social annotation features, like Glasp, to gain valuable insights into how your content is perceived. By understanding reader perspectives, you can refine your writing, address concerns, and create more impactful articles.


Understanding user behavior in news consumption is crucial in today's digital landscape. While mobile devices provide increased access to news, they may not necessarily enhance attention towards news content. Prioritizing desktop platforms, utilizing web highlighter tools like Glasp, and embracing social annotation can optimize the news reading experience for both readers and writers. By combining these strategies, we can strive for a more efficient, engaging, and democratic news ecosystem.

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